Employee Spotlight: Audi

“Inspired LED, this is Audi” is heard more times throughout the day here than there are kelvins in cool white light (6500K to be exact…). Audi is extremely skilled in order processing and manages a lot of accounting for the front end of the company. In the middle of all this she provides great customer service and can help anyone with questions such as a package that they have received, to explaining how to hard wire an entire kitchen. A true V.I.P here at Inspired LED, we value her commitment to work and providing the best customer service available to make things run smoothly. Many times we wonder how she manages to keep everything under control, luckily for you we have the inside scoop on how she does it:

employee audi spotlight

Do you have any tips on staying organized while being so busy?

To-do lists! With all of the phone calls, emails, and orders that I deal with during a work day I am constantly switching from one task to the next without completing it in its entirety. I write absolutely everything down! I have a horrible memory, so once I have moved on I will forget about what I was doing 10 minutes prior. This helps me manage all aspects of my job from order processing and returns, to customer service matters and accounting. This is such a fast paced business; you need to be able to handle any curve ball that’s thrown at you.

Do you find yourself practicing the same routine with certain orders or is everything different and on a whim?

Some orders are entirely routine. Our convenient kits, like the Pro Series Super Deluxe Kit or the Hardwire Kitchen Kit I can recite in my sleep. For kits like those, I know all of the components, product numbers, prices, and weights and that makes it super easy to process, pick, and ship. Custom orders are entirely unique to the customer though. People who order custom products or larger orders are not routine and enlist entirely unique treatments from our production team, these are always a fun challenge!

What is your favorite part about your role here at Inspired LED?

My favorite part about Inspired LED is working with the customers. It is exciting when you are remodeling your kitchen or revamping a room, so it’s always great hearing the customer’s positive feedback. Furthermore, when we get pictures of a finished room it’s a great feeling knowing you walked them through that design and made ordering as seamless as possible.

You recently just hit the one year mark of work here, congratulations! Have you seen much change and growth with the company this past year?

Absolutely! Our team has grown so much and we’ve gained some secret weapons. We’ve developed our marketing department tremendously, gained a great person in accounting, and added some fresh faces to production. With this, innovative ideas and new perspectives have been incorporated which have ultimately made certain processes more productive. As of right now, the people I work closest with have made every day so fun and entertaining, we truly are a perfect match!

Lastly, what is your favorite song to keep inspired and get some work done too?

A single song is too difficult to pin point. I am going to go with “Mariah Carey” radio on Pandora. I feel as though it really shows off my singing capabilities and my coworkers can’t get enough of my pitch and amazing range. And who doesn’t love a compilation of Whitney, Celine, Mariah, and all the other great ladies? Am I right?

We would like to thank Audi for her hard work and dedication to making the Inspired LED to successful. For more information on all of our team members check out our about us page. With any other questions or if you would like to talk to Audi directly feel free to give us a call (480) 941-4286.