Outdoor LED Lighting

Exterior Lighting


There are no worries in the world when relaxing in your backyard, entertaining on your patio, or enjoying your new garden, except when old, dull light bulbs go out and ruin the mood. With Inspired LED's Weather Resistant Outdoor Flexible Strips, you will always be happy relaxing outside. Our made-to-order LED strip lights simply slide into a low profile silicon strip and can be powered with your current AC lighting setup or with DC power for a new outdoor lighting design. The lengths are made to your specifications, allowing you to get the most amount of light for your application. Illuminate your outdoor deck railing, planter boxes, outdoor steps, gazebo, cove lighting, or any outdoor fixture with this cost effective product. As a bonus, LEDs don’t emit UV lights so they don’t attract bugs- a perfect reason to use LEDs outside! We offer our Outdoor Flexible Strips in a warm white color, but can customize to any of your favorite Inspired LED colors. If you would like help figuring out which products to purchase for your application, please email our design team with a picture or drawing to design@inspiredled.com.