LED Light Color Temperature: Warm vs Cool White

Inspired LED tries to streamline the LED light purchasing process as much as we possibly can, but it’s always hard making certain choices online without seeing the actual product first. Out of all of the options you have when choosing your lights, the question we hear most is: Which LED light color will fit my application best?

In the past, the typical LED was blue in color and very similar to the fluorescent lighting you would find in a warehouse or store. Fluorescent color lights

Well, times are a-changin’!  Most LED retailers and manufacturers will offer a range of “whites” to fit your specific needs, from the very warm, to daylight, to very blue. While one LED light color may be perfect for your business, a different LED light color may be great for home lighting.

All of our LED lights are offered in two main colors: Cool White and Warm White.

Inspired LED Light Color - Warm White Versus Cool White LED Lights

Inspired LED’s Warm White has a color temperature of 3200K and gives off a color very similar to the many incandescent light bulbs you will find in your house. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “incandescent,” those are the yellowish colored bulbs you will typically put into your lamps, ceiling fans, and more. This LED light color is by far the most popular color for kitchens, so if you are thinking of going cool white, just think about it a little longer. Warm White is typically great for:

  • Under the cabinetInspired LED Light Color - warm white lights
  • Above the cabinet
  • Crown or cove lighting
  • Toe kick lighting
  • Inside cabinet
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Bookcase lighting
  • Stair and railing lighting


Our Cool White has a color temperature of 6500K and is that “bluish” LED light color we talked about earlier. It is similar to fluorescent lighting and appears a bit brighter than the warm white. However, don’t confuse brightness with color! Our brightest products will offer plenty of light for task lighting and our least bright product will provide just the right amount of light for accent lighting. Cool White is typically great for:

  • OfficeInspired LED Light Color - cool white lights
  • Jewelry cabinet or display case lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • Workshop lighting
  • Entertainment center
  • TV back lighting
  • Safe lighting
  • Retail or industrial spaces
  • Trade-shows


Of course, these are only recommendations and are not the rule. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us at info@inspiredled.com or on Live Chat. To see the difference in color temperature, check out our flexible strip lighting!