Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered! | Part 1

Recently, we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook: We asked you to leave us with any burning question you have about our company, about LEDs, or about our products. We have tons of frequently asked questions that we answer for our customers every day, through live chat, email, or phone. These questions are important to you, so they are important to us! We randomly chose a winner of our Presidents’ Day giveaway- The winner’s question and our answer are below. In addition, we will be releasing the answers to all of your questions in the weeks that follow!

Can strips be field trimmed? –Christian W.

Yes they can! Our Cut and Connect Series Kits were made for just that. You can cut the reel of LED lights to any length you need, right on the job.  Our newly designed solderless Tiger Paw LED Connectors allow you to terminate your strips in the field without having to worry about soldering or requiring us to reconstruct your strips for you.


Can you train all the other companies in the world to provide such awesome customer service as Erica and the rest of your team? –Kevin V.

We would love to- trust us… We hate bad customer service as much as the next guy! This is the main reason we do our best to treat all of you how we would want to be treated. Let’s face it, who likes yelling at/being yelled at by a customer service agent on the phone, or having your day ruined by frustration? Plus, we have GREAT customers so we like to treat them well.
P.S. We agree Erica and our whole team are pretty awesome!


Do you sell the 12m rolls of led lights without buying the full kit? I wouldn’t need the power switches because my outlet is on a switch already. –Matt S.

We can definitely sell you a full reel of LED lights. As of now, we do not offer this on the website, but you can just give us a call to place your order! We also offer lengths up to a full reel (12 meters) on our flexible strips page. Please be aware that if you order a reel of LED lights or if you wish to cut up your strips, you will either need to know how to solder or you can use our exciting new Solderless Tiger Paw LED Connectors which slip onto the end of the flexible strips.

My kitchen uses 5000k. Are your strips 5k? -Robert S.

Our warm white is 3200K and our cool white is 6500K. We also have a two color changing strip that will allow you to switch between the two colors or pick a range in between that will best match your current lighting.

How long is the life of the strip tape version? -Jen A
What is their life expectancy?  -Kristen P.

Our LEDs are rated for up to 100,000 hours of use. That means, 10 years of continuous use! Take a look at our LED technology page for more information about our great LED lights!


Keep an eye out for our next post with even more of your questions answered!

If you ever have any questions, please visit our FAQ page, find us on Live Chat, or give us a call at 480-941-4286