Why We Love Outdoor LED Lighting (& You Should, Too!)

Spring and summer are just around the corner. Inspired LED wants to provide a few tips to help you prepare for the backyard you have been dreaming of. Although we have shared this topic with you in the past, it is a well-received topic by our readers. What better way to be the hostess/host with the mostest/most than with some creative (and affordable!) outdoor LED lighting enhancements? Perhaps you have existing outdoor furniture you want to update. Maybe you want to show off the new back deck you built. Or possibly you are looking for that little extra something that will put your yard over the top. With innovative minds and advances in technology it is becoming easier and easier to illuminate almost anything! Below are some backyard staples that can simply be updated with some lighting:

Outdoor Chairs/Chaise Lounges/Couches
Weather resistant or normal flex are outdoor LED lighting options that can add light underneath these furniture pieces. This is a great way to create a pleasant ambiance without harsh outdoor spotlights. Want a more fun or modern look? Use colored flex instead of white.

Outdoor LED Lighting Patio Staircase

Unlit stairs can be an unforeseen hostess/host hazard, not to mention a missed opportunity to provide a unique touch on your outdoor decor. Add a strip of outdoor LED lighting underneath the railing or a strip under each step. Additionally, accent plants, rocks or other garden centerpieces can be transformed into wonderful landscaping masterpieces with outdoor weather resistant flexible strips.

Patio Umbrella
Line the inside of your patio umbrella with outdoor weather resistant or normal flexible strips, an in-line switch, and a power supply. This will create fun and convenient lighting at your next outdoor barbecue.

Outdoor Kitchen or Bar
Outdoor Patio Lighting in EvesThe time spent preparing delicious food and drinks for your guests will undoubtedly be a hit. Lining the underside of the countertops with outdoor LED lighting will show off your appliances quite nicely, not to mention help showcase the delicious treats you prepared for your guests. If you have a bar, we might suggest some color changing light with a music controller – a sure way to get the party started.

We are always interested in taking on a new challenge. If you plan to add some outdoor LED lighting to your yard, please feel free to contact us directly at (480) 941-4286. For more information, check out our free design services online.