The 3 P’s of Sustainability for LED Lighting-Part 1

Earth Day is coming up next week on April 22, 2014. For those of you that don’t know about Earth Day, it is a nation-wide campaign to take one day out of the year to recognize what each and every one of us is doing to contribute to a more sustainable future. The 2014 theme is the “Green Cities Campaign,” and is focused on 3 main categories: energy, green buildings and transportation. Check out more about Earth Day!

Sustainability blog 1

Many people don’t immediately associate LED lights with being “green” or “sustainable,” but in fact they are one of the most sustainable lighting options out there. When deciding where to purchase your lighting products, you want to make sure they are from a responsible and trust worthy company. In honor of Earth Day, Inspired LED wants to highlight our social, environmental and economic impact for our customers. We are dedicated to being a responsible company and always producing sustainable, reliable products.

In the coming week, there will be a 3 part blog series about the 3 P’s of Sustainability (People, Planet, & Profit) and how they relate to our company as a whole and the LED lighting products that you can find at Inspired LED. Never heard of the 3 P’s of Sustainability? Let us explain.

The 3 P’s of sustainability were created by a man named John Elkington as a new way to measure performance for companies. Another name for this framework is the Triple Bottom Line. It’s goal is to go beyond the traditional measurements of profit and return on investment, to include environmental and social dimensions as well. The three new impact areas are social, environmental and financial. Overall, the 3 P’s of sustainability attempt to capture the full impact of a company’s activities on the world, instead of just the economic factors.

Today, we will highlight the social impact area for Inspired LED:


  • Products are pleasing to the eye – LED lighting provides a different kind of look to put anywhere in your home or outdoors. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lighting is directional, very easy to dim, and can come in many different colors. They can come in many shapes and sizes also. One of the most popular products at Inspired LED is the flexible strip kit. This easy do-it-yourself product can be installed anywhere for excellent accent lighting. The lights also come in different color temperatures (cool & warm) or multiple color changing strips for a fun twist to any room.
  • Ethical business practices – Inspired LED has always prided ourselves on being an extremely ethical and responsible company. The well-being of our customers, employees and community always comes first. We have been recognized for our excellent customer service for multiple years in a row on sites like Houzz.
  • Benefit local communities – Inspired LED is a proud member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce. We are dedicated to continually improving our local community here in Tempe, AZ. We are also dedicated to our own team members and their personal/career growth. To learn more about our diverse team members visit: About us!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 of this sustainability series, discussing how Inspired LED lighting products can affect planet and profit.