The 3 P’s of Sustainability for LED Lighting- Part 2

On Wednesday, we discussed Part 1 of this sustainability series and highlighted all the important aspects of people and how they relate to Inspired LED being a socially responsible business. Today, we want to introduce part 2 of The 3 P’s of Sustainability, planet. With Earth Day just a few days away, we can all try to be more and more conscience of how our everyday actions make such a big impact. Inspired LED is dedicated to making a conscience effort to using sustainable work practices and finding new ways to help improve the environment.

Being conscience of your environmental impact today is crucial. When choosing what lighting products to purchase, price and reliability are always important factors, but what about the other added benefits that LED lights have to offer?


LED lights have revolutionized energy efficient lighting options:


  • Multiple benefits for LED usage– LEDs have the ability to do things that normal light bulbs never did. For example, they can actually encourage plant growth because they give off a ton of light, without producing any heat. If you have a small indoor garden, LEDs are the perfect solution.
    • Another added benefit is that LED bulbs are very durable and rarely will be damaged from jarring or bumping. The original incandescent light bulb is very fragile and can be easily broken.
    • Older incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat and contribute to heat buildup in a room. On the other hand, LED lights run at a lower temperature, which prevents heat build-up in a room and can significantly reduce air conditioning costs. Check back for part 3 of this blog to see the benefits to profit and how LED lights can save significantly on money.
  • Less waste – LED bulbs last up to 10x longer than CFLs, so in the average number of years someone lives in a house, they may never have to replace their lights. LED’s are also easier and cheaper to dispose of than CFLs, causing less harmful waste for the environment.

Sustainability LED light comparison

  • Minimal packaging, reduces carbon footprint – Many people who think CFLs are a comparable option to LED lights probably don’t know about the harmful effects they produce. CFLs contain toxic mercury that can make them a pain and hazardous to dispose of. Most LED’s also come with little to no packaging, so they are non-hazardous and have minimal waste to dispose of.

LED lights are an extremely sustainable option for our planet. They are one of the most energy efficient lighting options out there, with countless added benefits! On Earth Day, we will launch our third and final part of the sustainability series, all about profit! Check back to learn more about how much you can save with using LED’s and the cost effective options at Inspired LED.