Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

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Mother’s Day is almost here and every year we find ourselves asking the same question: What do we get mom? Whether your shopping for your mom, someone who is like your mom, your grandma, sister, friend, or that special person who deserves a gift this Mother’s Day, Inspired LED has something for everyone!

Sure you may think, are LEDs really a suitable Mother’s Day gift? The answer is YES! Let’s explore some Inspired LED products and see if they are a fit for whoever you are shopping for this year!

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For the Soap Star or Movie Buff – Backlight TV Kits

If she’s going to spend hours on end binge watching her favorite show, she might as well have the best viewing experience possible! Inspired LED TV Backlight Kits come in a variety of sizes for any TV, and will make any show or movie pop on the screen! Using a Backlight kit helps reduce eye-strain, and decreases contrast, overall making TV watching more pleasant.

mother's day chef

For the Chef – Pro Series LED Kits

Cooking is hard enough as is, so why not make her job a little easier with some easy to install Under Cabinet LED Lighting kits! Inspired LED Pro Series Kits can be installed in minutes and provide bright task lighting perfect for the kitchen. Since these kits are modular you can always add additional parts and pieces as needed to achieve the perfect lighting system!

mother's day outdoor

For the Green Thumb – Outdoor Lighting

If your mother enjoys time tending to her garden, or enjoys sitting out in the yard in the evenings with a good book, an outdoor lighting system would be the ideal gift! Inspired LED’s Infinity Series Outdoor Lighting System is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, featuring a silicone enclosure making the system weather-resistant, they can be mounted or added to areas like walkways, gazebos, garden beds, outdoor kitchens, and much more!

mothers day sewing

For the Seamstress or Quilter – Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit

If you have a mother who sews or quilts, you know that they will attempt to set-up any crazy combination of lights around their machine to try and see what they are doing! Inspired LED’s Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit is here to fix that problem! The Sewing Machine Kit provides lighting along the neck of the machine, helping get rid of the shadows caused by excess fabric or the needle. The Sewing Machine Kit can be cut to length to fit almost any sewing machine or quilting machine available! This Kit comes with an expansion kit option, which is enough hardware to light two machines, or if you have a handful of ladies in your life who need these, the Sewing Machine Kit is also available in a 4 pack!

mothers day DIY

For the DIY-er or Handy-Woman – Cut and Connect Kits

Does you mother insist on doing everything herself? If the answer to that is YES, look not further: Inspired LED Cut and Connect Kits are sure to make a statement! Cut and Connect Kits are ideal for creating a custom LED lighting System in almost no time at all and include all the components necessary for a simple or complex project. Cut and Connect Kits can be used in any area of the home, from task lighting, accent lighting, or where ever she thinks some extra light is needed! The best part: Cut and Connect Kits are on sale now! Check out our specials page for details!

mothers day busy

For the Busy Bee – Designer Series 2.0 Kits

How does she manage to do it all? If you ask this question about your mother frequently, you know that her time is very precious, and yet she manages to get everything done! Whether she works from home, or is bringing work home chances are she is sometimes working into the night. Inspired LED’s Designer Series 2.0 Kits are the perfect gift: easy to install, easy upkeep, and they make a stunning addition to any space!

mothers day gift card

For the Shopper/Shopaholic – Gift Cards

Sometimes giving her the gift of choice, is the best option! Not sure what she wants, how much light she is going to need, or not sure where to start? Say no more! Inspired LED Gift Cards are the perfect way to make sure she gets exactly what she wants this year. The gift cards can be used online, in the store, or over the phone, making this decision the easiest one yet!

No matter which type of mom you may have, Inspired LED has a gift to help make her Mother’s Day special. Visit our website to see more inspiring products, or contact us with questions by emailing or calling (480) 941-4286.