New Product Release: Super Clip Tiger Paw

Back in 2013, Inspired LED received our first patent for our solderless “Tiger Paw®” LED connectors, which allowed our customers to quickly and easily make modifications to LED flex strips in the field. Over the past few years we have modified our design to accommodate a variety of different styles and to solve a variety of unique problems. Our Tiger Paw® Screw Terminal allowed contractors to utilize their own bulk cable while our plug-in 3.5mm connector system is ideally suited for the simplest installs. Our Right Angle Tiger Paw® tackled corners, while the Micro-lock was specially designed to fit in tight spaces.

The latest addition to the Tiger Paw® family may not be the smallest, but it packs a powerful punch as perhaps the most heavy-duty yet easy-to-use of all the connectors. Featuring newly designed German wire-locks with levered quick release, the Super-Clip Tiger Paw® is compatible with 8-10mm LED flexible strips, and can be terminated to any 16-22AWG solid or stranded cable. Unlike its screw terminal cousins, no screw driver is required to make these connections, and mismatched polarities are easily rectified with the simple push of a lever.

Perfect for bare-flex installs, or paired with our DIY Radiant Edge System to create a sleek low-voltage fixture, the Super-Clip Tiger Paw® is truly the latest and greatest in LED system design!

Take a look at some of the product highlights below to see what makes this new Tiger Paw® so super!

To use the Super-Clip Tiger Paw®, begin by measuring the available space for your custom flexible LED strip — we recommend subtracting about 1 1/2” from each side to leave room for connectors and wiring. Once you’ve determined the optimal length, cut your LED strip along the copper solder pads located after every three LEDs.

Inspired LED’s patented bridge lock system makes a secure connection to both 12V (8mm) and 24V (10mm) LED flex. Pull open the black latch, peel back the adhesive and insert the flex strip, then slide the latch closed.

The Super-Clip Tiger Paw® does not have pre-assigned polarity. This means that you won’t need to worry about matching the positive side of your flexible LED strip to the connector itself. Instead, you just need to remember to match the polarity of your wires to the polarity marked on your flexible LED strip in the next step (positive to positive, negative to negative).

The new German engineered wire-lock component is designed to accept 16-22AWG stranded or solid cable. Start by stripping back your wire about 1/4”. Press down on the first lever to open the wire lock and insert the positive side of your cable, matching polarity to the LED strip. Then release the lever to lock it in place. Repeat the steps to insert your negative cable.

You will notice the stripped wire should become visible through the top of the Tiger Paw® to help ensure a secure connection has been made. Be sure to test functionality before installation by connecting your wires to a 12V or 24V DC power supply (depending on the type of LED flex selected). If polarities are not properly matched, current will not be able to flow and your lights will not turn on. Fortunately, the Super-Clip Tiger Paw’s® quick-release function makes it easy to remove and rewire as needed!

Once each of your LED strips has been terminated and tested for functionality, it’s time to install. Each Super-Clip connector comes with a high quality VHB adhesive backing, which allows your LEDs to be mounted to almost any flat surface. Install the strip directly onto your desired location, or combine with our DIY Radiant Edge Aluminum, Lenses, and End Caps to create a one of a kind fixture.

Connect your new lighting system back to the appropriate power supplies and controllers, then watch your application come to life!

The new Super-Clip Tiger Paw® is now available for purchase through the Inspired LED website, over the phone, or at our walk-in location in Tempe, Arizona. Check out the product spec sheet HERE for more information!

To learn more about this and other new Inspired LED products, be sure to visit us at, contact us via email at, or call us at 480-941-4286.