Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Title4It’s once again time to celebrate the women in our lives who have dedicated their time and efforts to caring for us over the years. Whether it’s a mom, a grandma, a spouse, or another female family member who has taken on this role, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make sure they know how much they are appreciated.

While flowers and cards are common tokens of affection, this year, why not brighten up Mother’s Day with something more a bit more unique and long lasting? Inspired LED has compiled a list of some of our most popular products to help you find just the right gift to light up mom’s smile…

1For the DIY Decorator- Cut & Connect Kits

If your mom enjoys making the most of her home, if she’s constantly adding decorative accents or crafty knickknacks around the house, a Cut & Connect kit from Inspired LED is the perfect way to give her the gift of creativity! Cut & Connect kits are an ideal lighting solution for the mother with a DIY attitude and an eye for design. LED lighting can give her the freedom to not only highlight her hard work, but to use the light itself as a source of decoration.

2For the Entertainer- New TV Backlight Kits

Any mom who likes to kick back and relax with a movie or television show will appreciate the enhanced viewing experience of a TV Backlight Kit from Inspired LED! This simple LED kit illuminates the area immediately surrounding the television with a subtle glow, reducing contrast and decreasing eye strain. TV backlight kits are available in a variety of sizes, and can even be paired with a USB switch which will allow the LEDs to turn on and off in sync with the television!

3For the Crafting Queen- Sewing Machine Lighting Kit

If your mom happens to have a passion for sewing or quilting, Inspired LED’s Sewing Machine LED lighting kit is sure to brighten up her day! While many sewing and quilting machines come with a small bulb over the needle, this is often does not provide enough light for small or detailed projects. Inspired LED’s sewing light kit provides illumination all the way along the neck of the machine, and can be cut to length to fit a wide range of different models. And if your special lady is an especially avid seamstress, you can even include a sewing light expansion kit which will allow her to use any leftover LEDs to light a second machine!

4Cor the Gourmet Chef- Custom Kitchen Lighting Design

There’s nothing like a mom-cooked meal to bring back memories of the good old days. If your mom is a master chef, give her thanks, and the kitchen, she deserves this Mother’s Day with a custom LED lighting system! Try one of our high-quality premade lighting kits, or take advantage of Inspired LED’s FREE Design Services to create a custom LED system. Simply send in a few pictures and measurements of mom’s kitchen, and one of our expert Designers will help you to develop the perfect lighting system just for her!

5For the Working Woman- Designer Series 2.0 Kits

Whether your mom works from home or a high-end corporate office, chances are that by the end of the day, her eyes are tired and strained as a result of working in dim light. Inspired LEDs NEW Designer Series 2.0 kits are a sleek, cost-effective lighting solution well-suited to working environments. A unique new lens material helps to diffuse the light into a uniform beam of light which is both bright and attractive, sure to ease the difficulty in reading, writing, and other work related tasks

6For the Gardener- Infinity Flexible LED System

Some moms are gifted with a green thumb. If your mother enjoys spending her leisure time out in the garden tending to her plants, give her the gift of some extended hours outdoors with Inspired LED’s Infinity Series outdoor lighting system. Our weather-resistant LEDs are encased in silicone, making them the perfect addition to any outdoor landscape. These can be used to line patios and walkways, trellises, garden beds and more, making her yard a beautiful place to be any time of the day or night!

7For the Wine Lover- Flexible LED Strips

A good bottle of wine is a wonderful thing, and for the mom who appreciates the finer things, a quality wine collection can be a treasure. Whether she keeps a small wine rack, or a vast cellar, LED lighting can help to highlight her good taste. A few strips of normal bright flexible LEDs can add a touch of elegance to her wine collection, and can even be paired with a magnetic switch or motion sensor to ensure the lights function only when needed. Read more about the benefits of pairing wine with LEDs here.

8For the Shopper- Gift Cards

Sometimes the best gift is the gift of free choice! If you know that your mom is looking to add a little light to her home or office, but you want to give her the opportunity to pick the perfect product for herself, an Inspired LED gift card is a great option. Gift cards are available for purchase on our website in a variety of different values. They fit conveniently inside a Mother’s Day card, or can even be sent directly to mom’s email!

No matter what your mom’s personality, Inspired LED has a gift to help make her Mother’s Day special. Visit our website to see more inspiring products, or contact us with questions by emailing or calling (480) 941-4286.