New Product: Designer Series 2.0 Panels

new designer series panel

At Inspired LED, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. We believe that this is accomplished through not only offering high quality products, but also by maintaining open communication with our customers regarding ways in which we can continue to meet the growing needs of the LED lighting industry.

Although we have spent the past few years designing and manufacturing a variety of different LED panels, recently we began to recognize an increased market demand for a simple, low-profile frosted lens which could eliminate the so-called “dot effect”. Considering the discrete nature of LED diodes, this presented a significant challenge to our engineers, but one they were eager to take on!

Now, after several months of research, prototyping, and development, we are excited to announce the results of our hard work, the newest addition to our product line: the Designer Series 2.0! While the original Designer Series panel was an instant hit with customers years ago, we believe that the changes we have made to this new version have made it even more elegant, and more desirable than ever before…


new designer series panelsThe original Designer Series lens was clear with no pigment. It was designed this way in order to ensure maximum lumen output while utilizing internal grooves to minimize the “dot-like” appearance of the inner diodes. As a result, the original Designer Panels put out an average of around 130 lumens per foot, but had a tendency to cast textured shadows on reflective surfaces. This was one of the challenges our engineers faced in creating the New Designer lens– developing a frosted material which was clear enough to maintain a high lumen output, yet diluted enough to blend the individual LEDs into an even bar of light. After months of testing, we finally perfected a custom blend of acrylic which struck this balance splendidly, producing an average of 125 lumens per foot while completely eliminating the “dot-effect”.

inspired led designer series 2.0 panels

Just like the original Designer Series panels, our New Designers are available in three popular shades- Warm White (3000K), Pure White (4200K) and Cool White (6000K). But thanks to the new and improved lens material, our New Designer panels feature a more even distribution of light, helping to preserve not only the color of the LEDs, but also the natural colors of their surroundings.

Kits & Custom Panels

10pwdlxLike the original Designers, the New Designer Series panels come in standard lengths of 10″ and 18″. Both sizes are available for purchase in simple DIY kits, which come with cables, accessories, power supplies, and everything else you need to create a completed lighting system all on your own. Or, if you are looking to create a custom layout, the Designers are available in panel packs, which can be combined with our plug-in power supplies or modular accessories, or added on to expand any of our pre-made kits. For highly custom applications, we can even create custom length designers up to 60″, allowing you to provide the maximum amount of light in almost any location.

Of course, we still love our original Designer Series panels, so for those who prefer the old-school design, not to worry, they won’t be going anywhere! We hope that having the new Designer Series lens in our product line-up will allow us to offer even more customers exactly what they want or need. And of course, we will continue to develop new and exciting products to continue to meet the growing needs of our customers in the future!

For more information on our New Designer Panels, or to learn about how LEDs can brighten up your home, be sure to check out our DIY LED lighting kits, specialty lighting kits, and complimentary design services.