Holiday Gift Guide 2017

2017 holiday gift guideThe holiday season is well underway, with decorations adorning our homes and colorful lights lining the streets. But there is more than one way to brighten the mood this winter! For those looking for a clever or unique gift idea this year, Inspired LED offers a variety of products which are sure to light up faces of friends and family come Christmas morning…

backlight tv ktis

Backlight Kit | Starting at $29 ON SALE NOW! 
For anyone who enjoys the experience of kicking back and relaxing in front of the television, a backlight kit from Inspired LED is the perfect holiday gift! This simple DIY kit fits just about any television, providing just enough subtle accent lighting around the edge of your TV to reduce eyestrain and increase the perceived quality of the picture by making colors appear crisper and more vivid. The Universal TV Backlight Kit is available with a standard on/off switch, as well as with a USB upgrade, which allows you to turn the lights on and off with your remote control. Gifting Tip: Pair with their favorite movie or TV series on Blu Ray!

pro series kits

Pro Series Kits | Starting at $49
If you are looking for a unique gift for the king or queen of the kitchen, look no further than Inspired LED’s Pro Series Kits. These simple LED lighting kits come with everything you’ll need to take a dreary old kitchen, and transform it into a space worthy of a master chef. Whether you decide to go with a hardwire, or plug-in option, the gift of a Pro Series kit will be sure to help brighten up your holiday cooking or baking for many years to come. Gifting Tip: Pair with a new kitchen or cooking utensil!


Sewing Kits | Starting at $30 ON SALE NOW! 
One of our more unique LED products is the ever-popular Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit. Easy to install, and with a customizable length to fit sewing and quilting machines of almost any shape or size, this simple kit is an ideal way to illuminate even the most intricate sewing projects. And for the avid crafter, an Inspired LED Sewing Machine Light Expansion Kit comes with everything necessary to utilize the leftover LEDs to light an additional machine at half the cost. Gifting Tip: Pair with a new sewing pattern or bolt of fabric!


Cut & Connect Kits | Starting at $50
If you are shopping for someone who likes to keep busy with projects, or someone who is constantly decorating or remodeling, give the gift of a DIY LED system which can be cut to length and installed just about anywhere! Add a little accent light to shelves or crown moldings with our Normal Bright Kits, or try an Ultra Bright Kit for the ultimate task light solution. For the most crafty or creative people on your list, a colored LED Cut & Connect Kit can help to spark their imagination, allowing them to add a splash of color to any room. Gifting Tip: Pair with a fancy pair of scissors, or a unique piece of art/furniture to light!


Outdoor Flex | Starting at $8 ON SALE NOW! 
Whether it’s hanging out by the backyard barbeque, gathering under the gazebo, or even boating on the lake, Inspired LED’s Outdoor LED Flex is the perfect way to illuminate the great outdoors. This highly-durable product is designed to run extra-long lengths, standing up to the elements all year round. Brighten up their favorite outdoor activities this holiday season with the gift of durable, long lasting, LED light! Gifting Tip: Pair with a new BBQ tool, garden supplies, or a backyard game!


Gift Cards | Starting at $100
For the person on your list who’s got it all, an Inspired LED gift card is a great way to brighten up someone’s holiday, and home, just in time for the new year. Whether they’ve just moved in to a new house, or they’re looking to spruce up an old space, LED lighting can transform just about any room with the simple flip of a switch!
Gifting Tip: Pair with a custom LED layout and installation guide from our skilled Design Team! Take the guesswork out of installing a new LED lighting system by submitting a design request here, services are FREE, and turnaround times average between 24 & 48 hours.

Inspired LED offers a wide variety of DIY and custom LED lighting solutions. For more information about our products and services, visit our website here. Be sure to check our specials page until December 22nd we are running last minute sales and giveaways!