Are LEDs Good for Your Health?

You have heard about several advantages of using LED lights over older lighting methods, such as compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). The questions that rarely get addressed are: Do LED lights have health benefits? Are they harmful to our health?

Your circadian rhythm can be thrown off

What is a circadian rhythm? A circadian rhythm is, in more or less words, your body’s internal clock. It is a 24-hour cycle that tells your body when it needs to go through mental and physical changes in order to stay healthy and functioning, including whether you should be awake or asleep. Constant changes to your circadian rhythm can disrupt everything from your metabolism to your memory and immune system.

Studies have shown the blue light that cool white LEDs emit may suppress melatonin, the chemical released in your body to make you sleep. LEDs are not the only culprit, as televisions, cell phones, tablets, and CFLs produce similar blue wavelengths. Your body only experiences potential side effects when exposed to blue lights for long periods of time, more specifically, during the hours when we should be sleeping. To avoid any undesired side effects, turn off cool white or blue LED lights prior to heading to bed and you will be safe and sound!

health beenfits of LED lightsFor full info-graphic check out here.

CFLs contain harmful substances

CFL bulbs are made using heavy, toxic metals, such as mercury. When broken or disposed of improperly, mercury is released into your home and the environment. Mercury has been proven to cause a plethora of health-related issues, making CFLs a dangerous lighting option.

broken cfl not healthy

In addition to mercury’s toxicity, the mercury vapor found in all fluorescent light bulbs produce ultraviolet light when exposed to electric current. If there are any cracks in the bulb’s coating, it will expose the UV light to anyone or anything around it. LED lights do not have the mercury component that CFLs do, ensuring that LEDs will not harm your skin, precious artwork, or timeless fabric from UV rays. LEDs are environmentally friendly and are ultimately not a lethal hazard to you or your family’s health.

LEDs lighten the mood

Lights have long been used as a form of therapy. It has been proven to improve mood, energy, and certain disorders. Red LEDs are known within the spa community as being able to produce more collagen in the skin and blue LEDs are known to kill bacteria due to certain skin issues.

Productivity increases

Productivity in the workplace dramatically increases in well-lit buildings. LEDs provide clear, ample lighting to encourage efficiency in home and commercial offices, and are a great source for task lighting. Blue LED wavelengths can be harmful when you are trying to grab some wink-eye, however it is very beneficial when installed within the workplace. We are seeing more and more commercial buildings and offices incorporating and adding color changing or color shifting LEDS which during the day gradually shift bright cool white and slowly turn to a warmer light.

Added health benefits

Fluorescent tubes start to flicker as they get older – LED lights are long lasting and do not flicker, therefore reducing the possibility of eyestrain, headaches, and discomfort.

Overall, LEDs have several advantages over their leading competitors. The health benefits that LEDs provide compared to CFLs far outweigh the negligible issues, which can be easily overcome when the LEDs are used properly.

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