A Review of 2015 for Inspired LED

2015 year in review with inspired led

The end of the year is almost here; time to look back and reflect on all we have accomplished in the past 365 days! Between bringing on new team members, introducing new products, helping to complete a multitude of projects, all while providing outstanding customer service, 2015 was certainly a busy one here at Inspired LED. Let’s take a moment to review the best and brightest of the past year, and get a glimpse of we have to look forward to in 2016…

Release of the Automotive Lift Lights

Inspired LED’s newest specialty kit, the Automotive Lift Light Kit, made its debut early in 2015. The Super Bright Lift Light Kit features a unique LED system encased in a flexible PVC jacket, sturdy enough to stand up to oil, grease, and other elements of a mechanic shop or garage. Designed to be the perfect solution for illuminating dark underside of automotive lifts, this kit quickly grew in popularity among both auto mechanics and car enthusiasts.

Best of Houzz

best of houzz 2015 customer serviceThanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of both our customers, and employees, Inspired LED was thrilled to kick off 2015 with an award for Best of Houzz in Customer Service, making it the third year in a row we have received this award! We are so grateful for the support of the Houzz community, and honored by the direct reviews from our customers which allowed us to be nominated for this award. This year we were also recognized with the Houzz Influencer Badge for our valuable knowledge and advice shared through Houzz Home and Garden forums. Be sure to leave a review for us, or explore what Houzz has to offer here!

New Color: Pure White

Those who have followed Inspired LED over the past few years will recall that our LEDs have been available in Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K). In 2015, we introduced a brand new color temperature into our product line, Pure White (4200K)! Pure White is similar to daylight in terms of appearance, offering a crisp, clean shade of white, free from yellow or blue undertones. Pure White is great for preserving the natural colors of the surroundings, making it perfect for those new, modern kitchens which may otherwise be overwhelmed by the rich earth tones of warm white, or the sterile fluorescent blue of cool white. We now offer Pure White options for our rigid LED panels, kits, and flexible LED strips!

New Backlight KitsTV backlight kits

Recently Inspired LED “re-launched” our popular TV backlight kits with new sizing to accommodate a larger range of TVs. Our backlight kits are the perfect accessory for any TV, providing adequate bias lighting to reduce eyestrain, and helping to make your television display seem sharper, and the colors more vivid. Our new sizes of backlight kits can now accommodate TVs as small as 24″ and as large as 85″. Inspired LED’s new TV backlight kits are available with a standard in-line switch option, as well as with a USB switch upgrade, which allows the LED lights to turn on and off simultaneously with your TV.

Various Projects

This year, like any other, saw the Design Team at Inspired LED taking on their fair share of unique and exciting lighting projects. We are always eager to help our customers to create something new and different using our LEDs! While there were many interesting projects which came our way, two of our favorites this year were the Desert Vista Band Project, as well as the Custom Acrylic Rings Project.  These special applications took time and dedication from both the designers here in our office, as well as the creative individuals who submitted and developed these ideas. While both were very different in form and function, each project resulted in a winning design!

What is to come

Here at Inspired LED, we are beyond excited for all that is in store for the coming year! We cannot to see all the new and exciting ways that our lights will be used in 2016, including custom projects, home remodels, and commercial applications. And, of course, we eagerly look forward to the release of some greatly anticipated new products in 2016!

Be sure to follow Inspired LED on our website, blog, and on Facebook for news and updates throughout the year regarding our sales, projects, and new products. Got a lighting project planned for 2016? Be sure to check out our DIY kits, or submit a request to our Design Team for a free LED layout and quote!