Making a Statement with LEDs

custom acyrlic rings with LED lightingAt Inspired LED we pride ourselves on providing custom lighting solutions for just about any application, from the simple finishing touch of under cabinet accent lighting in a kitchen or office, to the most innovative customer projects, designs, or works of art. We are always excited by the opportunity and the challenge of illuminating something new. And earlier this year, just such an opportunity arose when our Design Team was approached by a customer with a particularly unique request: to help create a custom fixture consisting of two enormous interlocking rings of light.

Needless to say we were intrigued. Let’s check out how this ambitious project was designed, assembled, and brought to light!

Design & Constructionacrylic rings during build

The design for the light rings involved multiple acrylic pieces which would fit together to form two complete circles. Each acrylic piece was custom made, and the rings assembled on site. The smaller ring was approximately 6′ in diameter, consisting of six individual pieces. Each 37 inch piece housed one Ultra Bright LED Flexible Strip , adhered along the inside. Once a few of the acrylic pieces had been attached, the lights were daisy-chained together with 4 inch interconnect cables.

The larger ring was assembled in the same way, but was comprised of eight individual pieces, each lined with a segment of Ultra Bright LED flex. Once complete, the installers began the process of hanging the larger ring, suspending it from the ceiling at the precise angle and height before interlocking and securing the second ring.

The installation was long, and at times very challenging, but in the end the result was spectacular! These massive rings became the centerpiece of a brand new office space, creating a stunning visual element to greet visitors and employees upon their arrival.completed suspended led rings

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