Predictions for 2016 Kitchen Trends

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Last year’s style trends for kitchens played a lot on clean simple lines, open shelving, layers of texture, and according to every Pinterest board in sight, it’s own 50 shades of grey (yes, I am talking about the color). Now that 2015 has come and gone, let’s explore a few kitchen trends which we think will be popular in 2016 and into the future!

Innovative Spacesusb charging outlet

Now, we know this might not be considered a “trend” but we can expect a lot of tech updates in kitchens this year. Simple upgrades like USB outlets and charging drawers both offer a convenient way to charge your family’s multitude of devices. We also expect to see an increase in built-in appliances like warming drawers, coffee makers, and wine fridges. Beyond small appliances, larger appliances like new refrigerators are now being designed with smart sensors, touch screen displays, and the ability to be controlled via WiFi from your smartphone or tablet.

Simple Design and Colors

kitchen trends 2016 pale kitchen

Image from Home Decorating Trends

While our kitchens and homes are expected to get even smarter over the next year thanks to the incorporation of new technologies, other elements of home design seem to be simplifying by comparison. The soft palatable contrast of pastel colors and minimalist designs pair surprisingly well with the harsh metallic adornments of stainless steel appliances. The combination of plain unembellished cabinets, clean counter tops, and layers of texture from flooring, back-splashes, and ceiling accents, will help to create a new, modernized feel for kitchens in 2016.

Splendid Illuminationabove and under cabinet led lighting

Lighting, lighting, and did we mention lighting? Current trends indicate that lighting will continue to grow as the next big thing for your home! With new advancements in technology, LEDs are becoming smaller and more efficient every year. As we know, lighting for tasks as well as complimentary accent lights can work wonders for the ambiance of any space. Under cabinet lighting, like Inspired LED’s Ultra Bright Flexible Strips, combined with Inspired LED’s Normal Bright Flexible Strips for accent lighting are the perfect combination for upgrading your kitchen in 2016!

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