LEDs: Vital to Urban and Vertical Farming

vertical farming with LEDs

Farming has been around for thousands of years, and is key to our way of life. Over time, as cities have grow and populations continue to increase, usable farmland has become scarce and soon will no longer be able to meet demands. Vertical farming is one highly promising solution for the sustainable growth of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

Greenhouses have long been a huge source for year round plant growth, utilizing natural sunlight while protecting plants from extreme weather conditions. Hydroponic systems allow plants to be grown indoors under artificial light sources, using nutrient rich mineral solutions instead of soil. Vertical farming is a unique combination of the two. In vertical farming, special climate controlled buildings are constructed, complete with artificial sunlight and sourced nutrients, allowing plants to be grown in “near perfect” conditions.

Phillips electronics has played a large role in many of these new vertical farming techniques, specifically, through the supply of LED lighting. They have developed “light recipes”, or combinations of colors across the visible light spectrum, which are beneficial for different varieties of plants. These “recipes” encourage a more efficient photosynthesis process, which reduces energy consumption and speeds up the life cycle of the plant.

Additional benefits of using vertical farming include:

  • pest free plants, meaning no pesticides needed (Hooray for organic fruits and veggies!)
  • using nutrient rich solutions instead of soil reduces risks of harm from contaminated water or manure used as fertilizer
  • urban and vertical farming drastically reduces the amount of water needed per plant
  • having vertical farms within cities allows for more jobs to be provided locally, boosting local economy, and providing people in urban areas with fresh local produce

In response to growing demands, a company called Aero Farms, located in New Jersey, has developed an amazing vertical farming system that is out of this world high tech. The Aero Farms team has been highly praised and awarded for their work in this new territory. Their system includes everything needed to get started on your own urban farming project, and the best part: it can be customized!

To review the benefits of vertical and urban farming check out the info-graphic below!

vertical farming infographic inspired led


Check back with us soon, as this topic is consistently evolving and growing, something new and innovative is always just around the corner! For more information on LED Lighting and LED lighting projects visit us at www.inspiredled.com.