What To Expect When Expecting… A New LED Design

Lighting Design BlogSo, you’ve submitted your custom LED lighting request to our design team. Congratulations! You have followed all the directions to send in your photos and other required information (if you’re still struggling with this step, refer to our 3 Step Design Checklist for the Perfect System). And now comes the tough part, waiting patiently for exciting news regarding your new LED system to arrive!

As soon as your request is submitted, our skilled Designers get to work on creating a unique LED lighting system just for you! But there are still a couple of steps for you to complete in the process.

If you completed your design request via email, your first job will be to check your inbox for our handy dandy auto-response. Included in this message you will receive a few simple but vital questions about your lighting preferences. Our Designers will want to know how you’d like to power your LEDs, what color temperature you like best, whether you’d like to use a dimmer, etc.. This email should be sent out within a few hours of your design submission, so if you have hit the refresh button countless times and you’re still waiting, be sure to check your spam folder! Due to the nature of this message, and depending on your account settings, some emails have a tendency to filter into this category.

Once you have responded to this email, or if you submitted your design request directly through our website, you will be ready to move to the next step in the process. With all of your information in hand, one of our Designers will begin personally working on your custom LED layout. Within about a day, you should receive a call from your Designer to discuss the details and clarify any remaining questions.

After you have finalized plans over the phone, your Designer will begin creating your personalized layout. Within 48 hours you should receive a copy of your preliminary design layout, which will look something like this:


The design layout will use your photos or diagrams to detail exactly where the components of your new LED system will be placed, including LED fixtures, connectors, and cables. Within your returned design, there will be a key to help you determine what the products include are, as well as a detailed price breakdown. Depending on how technical the design is, you may have questions. Don’t worry, we are here to make it as simple as possible for you, and your Designer will happily walk you through every step! If you have any questions, or if you see changes that need to be made, simply contact your Designer for assistance.

After finalizing the design with you, payment will be worked out and your order will be submitted to our Manufacturing Team. Most orders can be completed and shipped out the same day that the purchase is made! Once your package has left our facility, we will email you a copy of your invoice along with your tracking information.

Upon receiving your package from Inspired LED, check to make sure all the LED lighting components are inside. You will also find enclosed a copy of the original design layout, and some additional information regarding your custom LED lighting. If you have any questions during the process of installation, once again feel free to give us a call! Your Designer can walk you through the installation process step by step, or even work with your electrician over the phone.

That’s it! Once you reach this step in the design process, your home LED system will be ready to make its debut! Our Designers always love to see the final results from their customers, so if you’re happy with the outcome, be sure to snap a picture and sent it over us!

To recap here is an infographic of the complete Design Process:

Design Services

We look forward to working with you and inspiring your creativity with LED lights. For more information on Inspired LED’s free Design Services, please visit our website at www.inspiredled.com/design-services or email us at info@inspiredled.com.