Inspired LED’s Wireless Self-Powered Independence Dimmer

independence dimmer

Imagine you’ve just finished remodeling your kitchen. It has everything you could want: double ovens, an oversized fridge, an island for entertaining, and even a wine cooler. Then, it dawns on you as you are preparing your first meal… your shadow, and those from your overhead cabinets fall right over your brand new counter tops, leaving you to work in the dark! You start to worry, how can you install under cabinet lighting without tearing out your new walls and back splash?

The answer is simple, thanks to the new Independence Dimmer from Inspired LED.

The Independence Dimmer is an innovative product which offers customers the benefit of an effortless plug-in installation, along with the completed look of a hardwired wall switch. The Independence Dimming System is very special for a few main reasons:

  1. Unlimited amount of switches and receivers can be paired together
  2. The switch itself is self-powered, requiring no batteries, wires, or outside power sources

independence dimmer set up

The receiver module is rare, in that it contains three outputs, allowing you to run LED lights to a variety of locations. As mentioned above as multiple receivers needed can be paired with multiple switches. For example, if you have a doorway or window separating a run of cabinets you can utilize two receivers, and pair with a single switch to have full control. You can also pair two switches with a single receiver unit if you would like the lighting to be controlled from two sides of a room.

The Independence Dimmer switch is what truly makes this product exceptional. Using energy harvesting technology, the dimmer switch is able to harness the kinetic energy from each click of the button to communicate with the receiver, rather than relying upon wires or batteries for power. An RF (radio frequency) signal then allows the wall switch to communicate with the receiver unit, or units, completely wirelessly. This means the switch can be positioned virtually be positioned anywhere without having to worry about destroying your newly remodeled kitchen. Best of all, since the switch is offered in a standard decora style, it will blend right in seamlessly with the other switches in your home!

The Independence Dimmer is now available for purchase through To learn more about the Independence Dimmer, visit our website here, or give us a call at 480-941-4286. Come take a look and see how our latest product can set you free!

Check back with us soon, as new products are continually rolling out here at Inspired LED! For more information on LED Lighting and LED lighting projects visit us at As always with any questions feel free to contact us directly or 480-941-4286.