Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered! | Part 2

Last month, we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook, asking you to leave us with any question you have about our company, about LEDs, or about our products. In our last Frequently Asked Questions post, we answered five questions you had for us! In today’s post we will be responding to even more of your exciting questions! As always, never hesitate to give us a call, message us on live chat, or send us an email with questions, concerns, or feedback- We love hearing from you!

Kitchen LED Lighting with Blue Accent Lighting

How do I get a power source? -Patti M.
You have a few different options when powering your lights. If you would like to hardwire your lights, you can have your electrician install one of our dimmable transformers with compatible Lutron switch. You can use this solution for new systems or if you are replacing an old halogen or fluorescent system. You can also power your lights with our plug-in power supplies. These simply plug into your lights or in-line switch/dimmer on one end and into an electrical outlet on the other. These can also be plugged into switched electrical outlets to control via wall switch.

Did you pick the vendors to produce the lights for you and was it designed here, in the states? -Paul G.
We design all of our LED products, and our strips and panels are then made to our specifications. The final manufacturing is done in Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike other companies, we retain control over the entire process in order to ensure that our products are high quality and up to our rigorous standards. We want our customers to have the best LED lighting in their homes and businesses, which unfortunately can’t happen when purchasing bulk LED lights from various vendors.

How will LED lights improve the aesthetics of my kitchen? – Patricia P.D.
Definitely! A variety of different types of lighting (accent, task, ambient, etc) contribute to the overall feel and look of your kitchen. You can add lighting above your cabinets to create a nice glow, inside of your glass cabinets to show off your china, under your cabinets for task lighting, or as toe kick lighting to provide some accent LED lighting underneath your cabinets.

What is the light spectrum of your white, blue and red lights? – Connie F.
Our warm white LED lights are 3200K, our cool white LED lights are 6500K, the blue lights are 465nm, and our red lights are 625nm. As an added bonus, our green lights are 565nm.

Are they safe to leave on all night in a kids room for a night light? – Robin J.P.
Yes, our lights are very safe to leave on at night in the kids’ room. The LED lights give off very little heat, so even if they put their little hands directly on the LEDs, there will be no harm done! (And, of course, just make sure to keep electrical outlets out of reach.) We’ve helped parents install these lights in children’s bathrooms, behind headboards, in bookcases, and even in doll houses. They are almost more safe, because you can rest easy knowing that the room is softly lit up, preventing any midnight bumps and bruises.

And even though this isn’t a question, we thought we’d add this little bit in to end things on an exceptionally high note!
I love my Inspired LED lights in the kitchen and would love to have some white ones for another place in my house. We get so many comments on how great they look. I always tell everyone to go to Inspired LED. -Steve P.

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