DIY: Easy Upgrades to Your Home

enhancing your furniture with LEDsMany furniture items that are purchased at big box stores come pretty standard now, and don’t give off a lot of excitement, or really draw someone to it when it is all put together. Initially it’s just another room filler so you can place things on it, or work at. What if you could very easily add your own creative step in that assembly guide when putting together your newly purchased piece that could give off a little pazzaz and have your guest asking questions and complimenting how great that new center piece or end table is when they come over for the next dinner party. There are a ton of creative outlets in everything that is purchased now that you can add your own sense of style, or upgrade it from bland to grand. Here are a few simple ideas for you the next time you seek out a new piece of furniture that will get your creative side going.

led lighting added to furniture

Simply adding LED flexible strips to the underside of any desk or shelf is a great way to highlight that piece. LED Lighting will not only make that piece stand out, but it could very easily accent the other pieces or artwork underneath it. Shelving units and bookcases are a great example for this. Many times bookcases and freestanding shelving units are a place to store milestones like trophies and awards, or place pictures of fun memories and family. Take that little extra step by including an LED strip that will show off that award or memory. The best part about LED lighting is that it is dimmable! Bring out all the colors in a photo on the shelf or set a tone for that area in the room with different brightness settings you can very easily adjust with LED’s.accent shelf led lighting

There are a lot of furniture pieces, shelving units, and cabinets that offer frosted glass as an option now. Instead of just sealing it off and not highlighting the frosted glass, add a page of your own to the assembly instructions and add in a few LED light panels that will make that frosted glass really stick out and give a modern feel to it. When you are about to put the frosted glass piece on, and finish the project, place the LED panels inside the box, make sure they are secured with the adhesive backing, and run a power supply to them from a small pre-drilled hole that won’t be noticeable. Adding in a in-line dimmer is a great way to dim the frosted glass and make it really stand out!

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