Fall Lighting Guide 2015

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Summer has come and gone. The seasons are slowly changing, and fall is beginning to make it’s first appearance across the United States. As the weather cools down, and we inevitably begin to spend more time indoors, now is the perfect time to begin preparing our homes for the company and celebration of the holidays. After all, there are only 11 days until Halloween, 36 days until Thanksgiving, and 66 days until Christmas!

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home for the holidays is with low voltage lighting. The simple addition of accent or task lighting can add elegance and depth from counters and shelves, to cabinets and coves. Inspired LED’s innovative products and DIY kits make it easy to brighten your home. Let’s explore some spaces where you could use a little LED lighting this fall!

Kitchen Lighting

cabinet lighting for fallThe kitchen is often described as the heart of a home, and let’s face it majority of your company, whether it’s family or friends, tend to gravitate toward the kitchen. Lighting is an easy and affordable way to give your kitchen a “face lift” in time for upcoming holiday parties and events. LED under cabinet lighting is the perfect way to enhance the design of your kitchen, while improving your cooking experience, allowing you to see in better detail while preparing daily meals and large family feasts. Inspired LED’s DIY Cut & Connect Kit provides total customization at a fraction of the cost of other LED systems, and is simple enough for anyone to use! Try our Super or Ultra bright flexible LED kits to add just the right amount of task lighting under kitchen cabinets, or, use our Normal bright kit to create a stunning accent light above cabinets, under toe-kicks, around coves, and on bars. All Cut & Connect kits are available in either 3 meter or 12 meter lengths, as well as a variety of colors to suit your application.

Living Room Lighting

accent lightingAfter the kitchen, the next most popular room in your home is most likely the living room. Whether its after a long day of work, unwinding on weekends, or entertaining guests, this space tends to become a hub of activity. Since the living room often gets such a wide variety of uses, from celebrations to relaxation, it needs to be a versatile area of the home. A fully integrated lighting system from Inspired LED can give you the power to instantly change the feel of your living room, transforming it from the perfect party place, into a calm and quiet sanctuary. LED accent lighting is a great way to compliment shelves or decorative features. Paintings, sculptures, even particularly elegant pieces of furniture can be highlighted with a subtle glow. And let’s not forget that other ever-popular reason to gravitate toward the living room: the television! Big or small, basic or theater-style, Inspired LED’s new and improved TV Backlight Kits are the perfect way to enhance any viewing experience.

Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting for fallFront yards, porches, and patios are often overlooked when it comes to lighting, but as the face of your home, the first thing people see upon their arrival at your door, these areas deserve to to be as cozy and bright as any other! Welcome your guests this holiday season with a warm, inviting glow, and make a vivid first impression with the help of Inspired LED. Our patented Infinity Series outdoor flex is the perfect way to illuminate your yard or deck. Stairs and pathways can be bordered for a modern look while providing an element of safety in the dark. Line the underside of awnings and handrails to brighten up outdoor sitting areas, or highlight architectural elements of your home for a dramatic effect. Best of all, since our Infinity Series flex is weather resistant, you will be able to enjoy your lights all year round, rain, snow, or shine!

There are thousands of ways to upgrade your home or business with the help of LEDs. Click here to read more about our fall lighting guides, or check out our gallery for further inspiration. Inspired LED offers a range of simple, energy-efficient lighting systems on our home lighting page, as well as free design services and quotes with pre and post-design support. Just email pictures/plans and detailed dimensions to our Design Teamdesign@inspiredled.com, or call us for more information 480-941-4286.