Are LEDs Here to Stay?

are leds just a trend inspried led

Many home trends come and go. Some may eventually repeat themselves in an evolved form; others may drop off the map completely. While those vibrant 1970’s style appliances may be making a comeback in modern kitchens, other disco-age features like orange shag carpet (yuck) are unlikely to ever recapture the hearts of interior decorators. When it comes to design, the ebb and flow of trends seems to be the only consistent thing!

duane_W_bathroomSo how does lighting play into this, you ask? According to a recent survey by the American Institute of Architects, “LED lighting is leading the growth and demand for both kitchen and bathroom features in American homes”. And unlike many design trends, we don’t see the switch to LEDs slowing down any time soon!

A 2015 survey from Sylvania confirmed that over 65% of Americans had purchased some type of LED lighting for their home. This number was up from just 30% in 2013- this means LED sales have more than doubled in just two years. In addition to the most popular kitchen and bathroom lighting applications, more and more people are beginning to add energy-efficient lighting to closets, coves, shelves, and stairs. With the increased availability of exterior rated products, LEDs are even becoming more common in outdoor entertainment spaces like gazebos, walk-ways, paths, and more!outdoor lighting

With light decorating and LED trends on the rise, so too is the demand for “smart” technology solutions. A survey of 2000 members of the IFDA  (International Furnishings and Design Association) reported that 97% of respondents believe advanced technologies will become common elements within average homes in the next five years. From automation of climate control, to security systems integrated with a homeowner’s phone, the potential for advancement this area is enormous. And with control technologies making great strides everyday, it is becoming easier than ever to incorporate LED systems into smart homes.

From increased use in homes and businesses, to integration with automated technologies, it certainly seems as though LED lighting is here to stay. And personally, we cannot wait to see what the next few years have in store!

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