FAQ’s Answered


Can I exchange items I purchased for something else?

Absolutely! We understand that often once you make an initial purchase plans can change. Frequently we encounter customers who want to exchange items for example there is the; “you ordered cool white and decided you really want warm white”, or the “I ordered a kit but I need different cable lengths“, or one of our favorites “the cabinet layout had to change due to another issue, and now our flexible led strips aren’t the right sizes”. We get it, we know more often than not when it comes to DIY or home projects, they typically don’t go as planned! Depending on timing, we have a few options for you!

  1. If you need the items ASAP, we suggest ordering and paying for the new items upfront so we can ship them immediately. Once you have the items needed, you can return the other items at your leisure and be refunded. Make sure you contact us for a RMA # for your return!
  2. If you have some time that you can wait on completing the installation, you can return the items to us first! This way no additional purchases need to be made, and we can send out the items you need quickly! This method will also require you contacting us for a RMA # for your returned package!

I am planning on using a hardwire transformer in my basement/ attic for my new lights. Can I run over 20′ of cable from the transformer to the lights without experiencing voltage drop?

Yes! Because you are running a low voltage system you can have runs up-to 100 feet in length before you would see a voltage drop or change in the light output. Just remember to make sure you are using the correct gauge wire! If running cables in-wall, we recommend using an in-wall rated Class-2  18-AWG cable (we have custom lengths here or bulk cable here). If you are running your wire exterior of the walls, through cabinets or under cabinets,  you can use something as small as 22AWG cable (we have standard lengths here or bulk cable here).

For more FAQs please check out our long list of FAQs on the site here. If you have specific questions about our products and services, you can visit our website, contact us directly through email at orders@inspiredled.com, or give us a call at 480-941-4286.