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The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been a massive catalyst within the last decade, allowing hardware, software, and  simple daily functions to be integrated into one seamless control system. Using simple cell phone apps, home automation devices, or commercial building s, IoT allows a variety of devices to communicate, running preset programs or responding instantaneously to external commands. This means that home appliances, air conditioners, door locks, water heaters, even lights can now be controlled remotely!

As we touched on in our last blog, LED Lighting For The Future, Inspired LED partner Igor Inc. has recently developed a way to harness the power and data transfer capabilities of standard Ethernet cables to control low voltage LED lighting systems. This radical new method of control has been dubbed Power over Ethernet, or PoE, and it is poised to become a major player in the future of new construction, as well as for retrofit integration of smart homes and commercial buildings.

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Ethernet cables are nothing new to the world of technology. In fact, the initial concept of Ethernet was patented by Xerox back in 1975. Nowadays these cables are everywhere- hiding behind the walls of most office buildings, hotel rooms, stadiums, casinos, airports, apartment buildings, and just about anywhere else you might go to find a phone or internet connection. Over the past few decades, Ethernet cables have mostly found their niche as a means of transferring the data necessary for a connected device to access the internet. Now Igor has discovered a way to take Ethernet to the next level: using their data transferring capabilities to send both low voltage power and control signals to LED lights from a master network switch. The Igor System relies on specially developed software which can easily be customized to meet user needs, from basic programs which turn lights on and off during office hours, to more complicated motion or light sensing automation.

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PoE might sound like a tricky way to run low voltage lighting systems, but there are many applications which will benefit greatly from this technological innovation. Consider, for example,  the construction of a massive multi-floored office building. It would not only be easier, but also much more cost effective for  builders to install a low-voltage PoE system, as opposed to high-voltage power lines. High-voltage power lines are not only expensive, but also necessitate a higher risk for workers than low-voltage lines. By reducing the overall number of high-voltage lines through the building, not only are initial costs diminished, but the future costs of powering the building are significantly reduced as well. Beyond just powering and controlling the LED Lighting systems, PoE software also features some impressive cloud analytics which allow users to evaluate energy usage on a day to day basis. This provides an additional resource for reducing operational costs, and maximizing efficiency.


Looking to the future, we are extremely excited to see how this new technology develops. As the LED lighting industry transitions even further into the world of automation and smart-tech solution, we hope to see PoE solutions emerge as a front runner in energy-efficient construction. Along with Igor and other companies on the cutting edge of our industry, Inspired LED is committed to developing more efficient LED lighting solutions at more affordable prices. We look forward to finding new and creative ways to integrating our lighting systems with home automation, smart sensors and controls, and whatever new technologies the future may bring!

To learn more about Inspired LED’s partnership with Igor please check our Press Release . If you have specific questions about our products and services, you can visit our website, contact us directly through email at orders@inspiredled.com, or give us a call at 480-941-4286.