A look at LED Lighting Systems Around the World

led lighting around the world

From interior home lighting, to office retrofits, LEDs have become a staple lighting solution within the last 10 years, even becoming the top lighting choice for new builds. As the industry here in the U.S. has transitioned to brighter, more efficient, and economical lighting solutions, so has the rest of the world!  Let’s explore some major LED projects and programs across the globe!!


The bay lights led art series san francisco

The Bay Lights Art installation on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco CA , Photo from SF Weekly

  • Guiyang, China– The Solar LED “Lighting 1,000 Villages Program” harnesses the power of solar for LED street lights to extend day light hours and keep cities safe.
  • South Africa– The Nelson Mandela Bridge played host to the Johannesburg fashion show in 2011. Used as the catwalk, the bridge was lit with color changing LEDs, to create a spectacular effect. Since the show, the lights  have remained as a reminder of the colorful culture of the city.
  • San Francisco – Bay Bridge – First installed as a temporary art installation by the non-profit organization Illuminate the Arts, the Bay Lights drew such crowds and enthusiasm from locals and visitors alike, that enough money was raised to make the lights a permanent fixture on the bridge.

crowne plaza hotel led lighting

Crowne Plaza in Dublin Ireland upgraded interior lighting to LEDs, Photo from LED Times.


  • Dublin, Ireland- The Crowne Plaza Hotel converted 90% of the lighting in their building to LEDs in an effort to decrease costs, maintenance and energy usage. Cooler light temperatures were used to accent the front of the hotel in order to make the entrance more eye-catching. On the interior, warm white lights were used in the lobby and guest rooms to provide a more inviting feel.
  • The Netherlands-  During the holiday season of 2016, the Bijenkorf Mall added intricate window displays featuring LED lights. The new lighting elements help change the look and feel of each display with every trend and every season!


super bowl stadium lighting

Stadium LED Lights, Cardinal Stadium Glendale AZ

  • US.60 Queen Creek Tunnel- Arizona’s first traffic tunnel was converted to an LED lighting system in October of 2016. Utilizing an adaptive control system will help regulate the light output based on factors like weather and  natural light.
  • Cardinals Glendale Stadium – Arizona’s beloved NFL team added LED lighting to their stadium last year in order to achieve a higher quality lighting experience, both within the stadium and on screen. Using LEDs especially when they are so high above the field, will reduce maintenance costs in the long run!

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