LED Stair Lights Indoor – Hardwired

Outdoor or Indoor Stair Lighting, LED Accent Lighting for Staircases
Outdoor or Indoor Stair Lighting Tutorial, LED Accent Lighting, Hardwired Flexible Strips

This under-stair lighting system uses our Normal Bright Flexible strips to provide accent lighting to a staircase. Also used were our plug-in screw terminal connectors, bulk in-wall cable, a 40w E-Series Dimmable Transformer, and a compatible wall dimmer/switch. The Normal Bright Flexible strips offer excellent accent lighting with 30 LED stair lights per meter, making it the perfect candidate for underlighting stair treads. If you need assistance creating a tread lighting system for your project, email our design team at design@inspiredled.com or call us at 480-941-4286.

Measuring Available Space for LED Strips:

To illuminate each step on the staircase, we measured the entire length of the tread and subtracted 1.5” from one side to leave room for power connections. Since we are not interconnecting these LED stair light strips, we only need one side of the LED strip for connections.

Mounting the LED Flex Strips:

The LED strip lights for stairs can be mounted one of two ways; the first is to mount the LED strip directly under the tread of the stair with the LEDs pointing down. This will provide more light onto the tread below it; you may see a reflection of the diodes if your stairs are especially shiny. The other option for stair lighting, if available, is to mount the LED strip on the frame of the tread with the LEDs facing back towards the riser of the stair. This will keep the tread lights completely out of eyesight but provide a nice glow under the stairs.

Providing Power:

The customer decided to use a hardwired dimmable system for stair lighting indoors controlled by a high-voltage dimmer/switch. In a hardwired dimmable system, we use a dimmable transformer instead of a plug-in power supply. The hardwired transformer splices directly to the high voltage from the wall switch dimmer instead of plugging into an outlet. Plug-in power supplies are incompatible with any high-voltage wall dimmer/switches; dimming them is a potential fire hazard. Make sure you check the instruction sheet to the right labeled ‘Transformer Wiring Guide’ and have a licensed contractor or electrician install the transformer.

Wiring Cables:

The transformer was installed in the basement of the home, and the cables were run to each stair tread before the drywall went up. When installing the drywall for the home, make sure you leave enough slack in the cable so that it can reach the LED lights for stairs. Wiring a cable for each one to the transformer’s output can get messy if you have many stairs. To avoid this, you can run one cable from the output of the transformer to a j-box location where you can splice all of your cable connections. When the LED strips are installed, you can terminate the cable at each stair location to the plug-in screw terminal connector. If the stair tread lights are not lighting up, double-check the polarities of the cable and make sure they match the polarities of the LED strip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fit LED strip lights to stairs?

Exposed stair lights are a great way to bring life and color to your home staircase. Without any aluminum extrusions, the best approach for installation is usually to attach LED strips in a hidden manner underneath the stair tread’s overhang. This allows for the LED light to shine downward, creating a beautiful glow effect while hiding the light source from view. It can be a creative way to add subtle lighting and enhance the ambiance of your home staircase.

What are the disadvantages of LED light strips?

LED stair lighting is a beautiful and modern way to enhance the ambiance of any home. LED stair lighting tends to be energy efficient due to its low wattage output, making it more economically viable than other lighting options. However, it does have a few disadvantages:

  • Decrease in Brightness

The lifespan of an LED strip is longer than most other light options. Still, the frequency of usage sometimes leads to the bulb burning out ahead of schedule, which means it achieves peak light capacity for only 80 percent of its lifespan. 

  • High Investment Cost

LEDs have a higher investment cost per bulb which is compensated by their longer lifespan and lower operating costs.

  • Subtle Light Differences

LEDs manufactured by different brands have differences in their white light hue, making it essential to ensure that you trust a well-known brand while buying an LED.

How do you light up a dark stairwell?

A well-lit staircase is essential for safety, convenience, and ambiance. One of the most popular ways of stair lighting is to hang ceiling lights, as they can add character to your interior and illuminate the space. Some alternative solutions include low-level lighting with LED stair tread lights or even recessed wall lights directly beside the steps.

What kind of lighting do you use for stairs?

Recessed lights are one of the most versatile lighting options on the market. When placed correctly, they can make any staircase look elegant and inviting. Spotlights or wall-mounted recessed lights are perfect for illuminating the stairs with a soothing, subtle glow.

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