9. Hardwired System

This is a hardwired system using a dimmable hardwired transformer, compatible wall switch dimmer, custom in-wall cable, and our flexible LED strips.

Measure available space for flex:

The first step in any system is to determine how much flexible LED strips you will need to complete your system. Start by measuring out the area you will be installing the LED strips. For each area where you will be placing an LED strip, subtract 3” inches from the total, this will give you 1.5” on each side of the LED strip to leave room for cable connections.

Mounting Options for the flexible LED strips:

Under Cabinet Mounting Options – There are two main methods to installing the LED strips under your cabinets. The first method is to install the LED strip on the lip or trim of the cabinet so the LEDs face the backsplash. This will give you one continuous light output while highlighting the backsplash, it will also reduce any reflection of the LED diodes on the countertop. The second method is to install the LED strip 2” from the front of the cabinet with the LEDs facing straight down to the countertop. This will provide more downlight, but may leave a reflection of diodes on the countertop. In this setup, the customer decided to mount the LED strips on the lip of the cabinet.

Above Cabinet Mounting Options – In this application the customer decided to mount the LED strips in the above glass cabinets to give them a nice glow. If your cabinet has a frame at the front of the cabinet you can mount the LED strip on the frame so the LEDs face the back of the cabinet. This will keep everything completely out of sight. If your cabinets are frameless you can mount the LED strip on the top front of the cabinet with the LEDs facing down. Mounting them as close as possible to the front of the cabinet will keep them out of sight when the doors are closed.   

Make sure to clean the area where you will be mounting the LED strips with isopropyl alcohol or a strong cleaning solution to remove all dust and dirt. This will insure a good stick from the LED tape for a long and permanent hold.

Dividers under cabinets:

Usually there will be dividers under cabinets where two of the cabinets meet. To get around this there are a couple of options. The first is to notch out a thin area from the divider so the LED strip can fit in its place. The second option is to drill a ½” hole to pass the LED strip through. Check out the instruction sheet to the right labeled ‘LED Strip Mounting Options’ for more info.

Providing Power:

In a dimmable hardwired system we use a hardwired dimmable transformer instead of a plug-in power supply. The hardwired transformer splices directly to the high voltage coming from the wall switch dimmer instead of plugging into an outlet. Plug-in power supplies are not compatible with any high voltage wall dimmer/switches and can cause the power supplies to fry. Make sure you check out the instruction sheet to the right labeled ‘How to wire a transformer’ and make sure you have a licensed contractor or electrician install the transformer.

Wiring Cables:

Once the transformer has been installed you can then run cables from the output of your transformer to your LED strips. In this system the customer installed the transformer under the sink and ran three cable outputs going from the transformer to the LED strips. The customer pre ran these in-wall cables through the wall before the backsplash and cabinets went up. To connect the under cabinet LED strips with above in-cabinet lighting the customer used our standard interconnect cables. You can run the cable up the front face of the cabinet running it behind the stile to keep the cable out of sight.


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