Specialty Lighting: Local Custom Wine Cellars

Inspired LED is teaming up with another local company Heritage Vine Custom Wine Cellars, for some very impressive specialty lighting projects. Heritage Vine is Arizona’s only custom wine rack manufacturer specializing in both traditional and contemporary cellars. These one of a kind creations are not only well crafted, but are essentially each their own work of art. Within the last year we have lit over 60 custom wine cellars! Let’s take a closer look at the cellar type, and the products use to accomplish the look!

Traditional Cellar

specilaty lighting traditional wine cellar

The above traditional wine cellar features a wide glass door with an expansive space suitable for any serious wine collector. The interior of the cellar is made entirely of all-heart redwood, and the capacity to hold 1300 wine bottles.

Contemporary Wine Cellar

specialty lighting contemporary wine cellarThis wine cellar uses redwood on the bottom rack, and metal Millesime racks above. Featuring lighting towards the stone wall, which completes the contemporary look. The lighting mounted along the backside of the metal racks, allows the natural stone to be well lit, showcasing the wine displayed on the top racks. This cellar can hold over 500 bottles of wine.

Contemporary Wine Wall

contemporary wine wall accent lighting

This massive wine wall similar to the contemporary cellar, incorporating wood and metal in its design. The lighting in this specific room is slightly different from either of the cellars above. This room is using the lighting as a main source of light, utilizing Ultra Bright Flexible Strips rather than the Normal Bright Flexible Strips for accent lighting. The wall is made of walnut paneling and aluminum pegs, which can fit 1000 bottles!

For more awesome designs check out Heritage Vine’s Facebook and Houzz pages!

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