Before and After Giveaway: WINNER!

First and foremost a huge thank you to all who participated in the Before and After giveaway! We had many wonderful submissions, and we’re so excited to see such stunning homes with great lighting! After our random selection, a winner was chosen for the $500 gift card: Congratulations to ANDREA SMITH! Let’s take a tour of her now extremely well lit crafting and sewing room!

Before and After: Andrea’s Craft Room

Andrea started out with no lighting in her craft room. She had a dark closet, a dark fabric cutting board, and a dark counter for all of her sewing machines. With a little help from our flexible strip lights  she was able to create a bright room for all of her sewing, quilting, and crafting!

Andrea’s closet was so dark, she even admitted to using a flashlight to find things on the shelves! Now she has sufficient lighting to find her fabrics, patterns, buttons, etc!

before and after winner closetAndrea also had minimal lighting above her fabric cutting table. Andrea took matters into her own hands, and with a little help from her husband she created an over head bar light. They managed to stick our flexible strips to an aluminum piece she picked up at a big box store, and bent it over to get the perfect overhead angle for cutting fabric!

before and after winner deskThe last space Andrea lit was under the cabinets in the craft room. She again used our flexible strip lighting along the underside of the cabinets to light up her machines, and all of her threads she keeps tucked away! This under cabinet lighting solution really allows her to show off what she has displayed under the cabinets!

counter accent lights We are so excited about the transformation that Andrea was able to achieve in her craft room. We have huge expectations for her kitchen and anywhere else her and her husband decide they need extra lighting!

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