Same Great Kits: New Low Prices

Kits are a great option when it comes to many LED lighting applications. They provide all the items you need for a complete set up, and most kits can be installed within just minutes! Our kits are perfect for kitchen under cabinet lighting, office lighting, workshop lighting, and anywhere else you need a little extra light.  Whether for accent or task lighting these products will brighten up any room and be that added element that you need!

Pro Series Kits

Our Pro Series Kits are the most popular option.  It is an extremely low profile, easy connect system, and a fantastically reduced price: there isn’t much not to love about them! These lights provide great task lighting, and with the ability to expand and add on, you can customize these kits with any additional accessories you may need! The 21 LED panels measure 8.75″ in length and the 42 LED panels are 16.75″ in length, perfect for longer cabinets! You can mix and match multiple sized panels to get the perfect amount of lighting for your needs.

Deluxe Kits:

Our Pro Series Deluxe Kits are a great place to being when first using LED products. This simple small kits will give you just what you need to start your lighting adventure.


4827 pro series led lighting kitPro Series 21LED Deluxe Kit

4877 pro series led lighting kit

Pro Series 42 LED Deluxe Kit


Super Deluxe Kits:

Our Pro Series Super Deluxe Kits are similar to the deluxe kit, but include more panels for a larger area of lighting! Still easy to use and install these kits are great for lighting a full kitchen or multiple rooms.  Furthermore, when purchasing this kit we make it entirely flexible and unique to the customer.  Let us know what cable lengths you need and if you want to upgrade to a single power supply.  This kit is perfect for all kitchens big or small!

4829 super deluxe ligthing kit Pro Series 21 LED Super Deluxe Kits

 4879 super deluxe led ligthing kitPro Series 42 LED Super Deluxe Kit

For more great options for you check out our other kit options, and with any questions or lighting suggestions you have, feel free to contact us at (480)941-4286 or