Inspired LED Recommends: Feit Electric BR30 LED Light Bulbs

We know plenty of you have really great recessed or track lighting areas, yet the lights keep burning out, are too hot, and are impossible to change.  Not only that, you know deep in your heart that you really want LED lights and your favorite LED store (Inspired LED, right?) doesn’t offer LED bulbs for said areas!

Inspired LED tries to solve every possible lighting crisis that our customers come across, yet can light bulbs still aren’t in our realm of products. Well folks, you’ve been asking and we’ve been listening! We looked far and wide for a product that would be worthy of our amazing customers and little did we know it was right under our budget-friendly noses: the Feit Electric Dimmable BR30 LED Bulb.

These LED lights really stand out against standard incandescent bulbs:

  • Consumes only 13 watts of energy
    • LEDs scream energy savings
  • Direct replacement for incandescent 65 watt bulbs
  • Same look and feel of a standard BR30
    • They match pretty well, so you won’t have to replace all of your bulbs at once if you don’t want to!
  • Life of approximately 25,000 hours (That’s almost 3 years of continuous use!)
  • Dimmable
  • Can use on the same dimmer as Inspired LED products
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS Compliant
    • This means better for the environment!

After using these LED lights, just thinking about how many times we’ve changed our recessed CFLs and light bulbs makes us sick! So next time you need a bulb replaced, Inspired LED highly recommends these LED lights from Feit Electric.

A side note: Once we installed our Feit LED lights with a Lutron DVLV dimmer (which we usually recommend to use with all of our Inspired LED products), we’ve noticed that the bottom setting of the dimmer doesn’t reach zero. Although we like it this way, as it gives us a low night light, we know some of you may be wondering how to get the light as low as possible. We found an answer in the UL Listed Lutron CFL and LED dimmers. They offer a small dial on the side to set the bottom of your dimming range to anything you’d like, including zero. Please see our video below for more information on both the Feit Electric bulbs and the Lutron dimmers.

Dimmer Product Numbers:

  • Lutron Standard Dimmer: DV-600
  • Lutron CFL/LED compatible C•L Dimmer: DVWCL-153
    • Can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Maynard, Ace Hardware, and more
  • Lutron Diva Dimmer: DVLV-600
    • Use with Inspired LED lights


Disclaimer: Inspired LED is in no way affiliated with Lutron, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Maynard.  We just support and believe in the great products they create or sell and this is our recommendation for overhead LED bulbs.