Inspired LED’s Newest Color : Pure White

pure white new color

Inspired LED is excited to announce the arrival of our newest LED color: Pure White! These new LEDs give off a pleasant neutral white color, which falls between our current warm white and cool white temperatures. Compared to our warm white LEDs, which register around 3000K on the Kelvin scale, and our cool white LEDs, which register around 6000K, pure white rests right in the middle, at 4200K.

This neutral tone provides a crisp daylight hue which helps to preserve the natural color of one’s surroundings. As a result, these unique LEDs are incredibly versatile and well-suited for almost any application. Check out some of the details and suggestions featured below: pure white features

Many people have strong personal preferences as to the color temperature of the lights in their home, and we hope this new option will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Our all new pure white LEDs are now available for purchase on our website under our Pro Series 21 LED panels and Kits, as well as in our Flexible Strips. In the next few weeks we will have the rest of the Pro Series 42 LED panels ready for purchase on our website, as well as our Cut and Connect Kits in the Pure White!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Inspired LED’s next blog, which will go into further detail on the most common uses for each color of LED. We will also feature some advice on how to pair the right LEDs with your existing cabinets, paint, furniture, etc. in order to best highlight the colors and design features of your home or business!

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