Local Lighting Update: May Recap

This spring season has brought a lot of changes, not only to Inspired LED, but to the Phoenix area as a whole! Check out how LEDs have been making an impact here in the Valley by reading our local lighting update below…

Phoenix Rising to a Sustainable Future

PHX LightsThis month, Phoenix City officials made the decision to move forward with converting over 90,000 street lights to LEDs, in a movement designed to enhance the overall sustainability of the Phoenix-metro area.  LEDs, otherwise known as Light Emitting Diodes, have slowly been making their way into streets and homes across the nation. One of the primary benefits of LEDs is length of their lifespan, which can last almost ten times the amount that normal halogen, or fluorescent bulbs.

The process of replacing Phoenix street lamps with LEDs is already underway, and all 90,000+ lights are expected to be converted by summer of 2017. The whole operation is projected to save the city over 40% of its energy usage, which will total just shy of 2.8 million dollars. The only obstacle standing in the way of the project is finding the 27 million in financing it will cost upfront. If the project goes through and all proposals are signed, the Phoenix lights will offer a brighter and crisper hue in the months and years to come. Many valley residents, including those of us here at Inspired LED, are excited about the beginning of this local sustainability effort!

What’s New With Us?

New Site 2In the past few months we have been working very hard to update and create a better user experience online for our customers by giving our website a complete renovation. The new site has a complete interactive shopping cart, login features for users, and a simplified navigation system. For those who need a little extra help planning their LED system, our new website offers easy access to our Design Services Team. Using the updated Design Services tab, you can now pictures, blueprints, or diagrams directly on to our website. Once your request has been submitted to our design team, a personal Designer will work one on one to complete your LED lighting project.

Not only have we updated our website to better serve our customers, we have also added a few new products to our stock as well! Our new Mega Bright Flexible Strips feature 120 LED’s per meter, offering a truly abundant amount of light. Mega Bright is now available on our website cool white, warm white, and our newest color- pure white! The pure white option is considered a clean, crisp white, that eliminates the yellow or blue undertones of warm white, or cool white LEDs.  The option of pure white LEDs are now available within a large selection of your favorite Inspired LED products, including flexible strips, Pro Series, and Designer Series panels.


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