Accessory of the Week: NEW Magnetic Switch!

1At inspired LED we are passionate about helping our customers create the perfect lighting systems for their homes and businesses! Whether adding the finishing touches to an elegant kitchen, illuminating artwork, or brightening up a work space with task lighting, our team works tirelessly to ensure that our LED systems are built to exceed expectations both in functionality and convenience.

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to control an LED lighting system is through the incorporation of a magnetic switch. Over the past few years, this particular product has become more and more popular, especially when it comes to in-cabinet lighting. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, Inspired LED has long sourced a magnetic switch from an outside vendor– a popular brand available at many electronics stores. But when our lead engineer noticed that this product was being used with increasingly large systems (beyond what the off-the-shelf switch could handle), he took it upon himself to design a brand new model from the ground up!

After several months of development, we are proud to announce the arrival of our NEW & improved magnetic switch, exclusively designed, manufactured, and sold by Inspired LED. This new product improves upon the basic concept of the magnetic switch by introducing a lower profile, simplified installation process, and an increased load for running larger systems…


Design: Aside from the ability to control larger LED systems, the Inspired LED magnetic switch was designed to have an extremely low profile, allowing it to fit discretely in even the smallest corners of cabinets and drawers. By carefully arranging the layout of internal components, our engineering team was able to minimize wasted space, reducing the overall size of the magnetic switch.

At just over an inch long and three quarters of an inch wide, the new switch is about the size of a Lego. Similarly, the pairing magnet measures just under an inch long and less than half an inch wide- comparable to a small piece of gum. The magnet has been left bare in order to reduce size and to make it easier to mount inside of drawers and cabinets using a small screw (included) or double sided adhesive.

installFunction: Like other products on the market, the Inspired LED magnetic switch allows lights to turn on and off in response to the proximity of a magnet. To install, a plug-in power supply is first connected to one of the input ports of the magnetic switch. The other input port is then used to connect to the first set of lights using a 4” interconnect cable (included). At this point, the LEDs will be at full brightness. It is only by bringing the magnet within an inch of the switch that the lights will be turned off.

As standard, our magnetic switch is set up in this manner, allowing an LED system to turn on when the magnet moves away from the switch, as when a cabinet or drawer is opened. When the door or drawer is closed and the magnet returns to within 1” of the switch, the lights will once again turn off.

There are, of course, occasional circumstances which may require a reversal of this functionality. In a commercial display case, for example, one may prefer to have the LEDs remain on until the case is opened. For these types of applications, our manufacturing team is able to make manual adjustments to the internal components of the magnetic switch. However since this is a non-standard configuration, these reverse polarity switches are available by special request only, and must be ordered directly through our customer service team.

max load

Applications: Unlike other off-the-shelf magnetic switches, such as the “Guard” brand previously carried in our web store, the Inspired LED magnetic switch boasts a max load of 5 AMPs (or 60 Watts) which means that it can be used in conjunction with larger, more complicated systems. When paired with a distribution block or two, the new magnetic switch makes it easy to set up a series of cabinets and drawers which work off the same power supply while still operating independently. This means that whole kitchens, offices, or interactive displays are now easier to install and control!

Below are some examples of creative ways in which the magnetic switch can be used to brighten up a variety of spaces!











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