Where to Find Inspired LED Near You


It is no secret that Inspired LED enjoys making our products easy to use for homeowners and electricians alike, now we are making it easier than ever to find Inspired LED near you!

Over the past year, our dedicated team has been working with local and national distributors to make our products commercially available across the U.S.. From major online retailers like Mouser Electronics and Digi-Key, to companies like Anixter, HD Supply, and CED stores, it has never been easier to find Inspired LED products in stores. Our unique combination of affordable pricing and reliable products, backed by our award winning customer service team, is a combination that cannot be beat.

Let’s explore some Inspired LED products which have become a staple in our distributor locations!

12V flexible led stripsFlexible LED Strips

Inspired LED’s flexible light strips are entirely adhesive and can be cut to length every three LEDs (or six LEDs on the Mega Bright Flexible LED tape) allows our product to be easily customized by contractors and DIYers alike. Unlike other LED companies, we under-drive our high quality LEDs by 50%, extending the life-span of the diodes up to 100,000 running hours. Beyond the long life expectancy of the flexible strips, our low voltage systems produce little to no heat, meaning they can be installed in almost any location! Inspired LED is also proud to offer our Flexible LED Strips in a variety of colors (Red, Blue, Green) and color temperatures (3000K/ Warm White, 4200K/ Pure White, and 6000K/Cool White). Each color is available in a variety of different brightness levels perfect for any application.

Tiger Paw Solderless Connectors

tiger paw led connectorsOur easy to use line of solderless LED connectors help us stand apart from our competitors in a huge way! These easy-to-use connectors are incredibly reliable and provide the best solution for creating custom LED flexible strips in the field. Our patented Tiger Paw Connectors are guaranteed to make a secure connection on the spot when paired with Inspired LED flexible strips, which are designed with specialized “fat pads” as we call them. Best of all, these connectors require no soldering, no broken contact points, and no headaches! Tiger Paw connectors are available in a standard 3.5mm Plug in version which accommodates our interconnect cables, or a variety of screw terminal versions for direct wiring.

iDea Series Channel and Cover

iDea series channel and cover for LEDsInspired LED’s iDea Series channel and cover came to fruition after many contractor’s and electrician’s expressed a need for a solution  that was small in size which could “hide” the flexible LED strips from sight. Our aluminum channels and covers can fit into almost any space, with the largest channel coming in at 14.5mm wide when assembled. Like our other products the aluminum channels and lenses can be trimmed to a custom length in the field in minutes. (iDea Series is currently not available on our website, if you are interested in purchasing please shoot us an email or give us a call to ask about pricing and shipping options)!

If you are looking for a distributor of Inspired LED products near you check our Distributor’s Page for a list of all locations. Don’t see your local distributor listed or want to become an Inspired LED distributor? You can contact us about becoming a distributor by reaching out to our customer service team at orders@inspiredled.com, or take advantage of our free Design Services for a free layout and quote!