Celebrating Erica’s One Year Anniversary

One Year of Order Services Management & Excellence

If you have ever emailed, called, or walked into Inspired LED, chances are you’ve come into contact with Erica, our Order Services Manager. In short, she makes sure your order lands in your hands and you have a smile on your face when it happens. She will make sure your order is processed quickly after being placed, discuss your lighting options with you over live chat, keep you updated on our products in our showroom, make sure your order includes that extra dimmer you want a minute before it gets shipped out of our warehouse, and talk you through your installation.

Today marks her first anniversary at Inspired LED and we couldn’t be happier. She means so much to our company and our team wants to say a huge “THANK YOU!” Here’s to you, Erica!

Erica Order Manager One Year Anniversary

Jim: As a business owner, I understand how challenging it can be to build your dream team. I can confidently say that Erica is a crucial part of our dream team, consistently helping Inspired LED achieve our goals. Thank you, Erica, for your outstanding customer service and product knowledge; we are happy to celebrate your one year anniversary and look forward to anniversary number two!

Cheryl: Thanks, Erica for moving from sunny San Francisco Bay Area to sunnier Tempe, AZ to work with us. You made my day when you accepted the job with us. When you moved here a few months later, you immediately met and exceeded all our expectations!  Thanks for all you do for us. Happy 1 year (official) anniversary with Inspired LED!

Tanner: Erica Roselli has been a LEDing light in the office since the moment of her arrival. An amazingly quick learner, she took over Order Services faster than anyone could have expected. Her technical acumen is startling, handling the most abstruse of topics without batting an eye. But most importantly, she is just a pleasant person to be around with her excellent communication skills and great sense of humor. After working with her for a full year, I have to say I am proud to call her my coworker. Congratulations, Erica!

Caitlin: Erica is an incredible asset to Inspired LED. She came into this position directly after graduating and put her best foot forward. She has taken on the large and important role of Order Services Manager, ensuring that every customer and detail is attended to. She has gone above and beyond in every aspect and she is always a joy to be around. We love having her at the company and can only imagine all of the amazing directions she will help Inspired LED go!

Grant: Three words come to mind when I think of Erica Roselli – motivation, passion, and intuition. Her open-minded approach to business and new concepts is uncanny. Given the opportunity, she’d make for an amazing presidential candidate. Keep it up Erica; you’re rocking the house.

Garrett: Erica has been a tremendous help during the time she has spent at Inspired LED. She wears many hats in the office, taking on not only her own tasks but other positions as well. She takes the initiative to help fill in other positions when they are needed and is always willing to help out. Her over the top work can always be seen every day when she stays later than her required hours.

Bryan: Erica has become key to Inspired LED’s success this past year. She is very professional, has great product knowledge and gives excellent customer service!

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Cody: Erica is an awesome co-worker, she is always working hard and has a great attitude. She keeps all of us on our toes and reminds us of the work ethic we should have. I look forwarding to working with her in the future and could not imagine Inspired LED without her!

Audi: Erica is amazing with customers!  Although we have plenty of premade pro-series and designer kits, we always welcome customer requests for swapping out cables, power supplies, and dimmers!  This is what Erica excels at: working with the customer to make their kit PERFECT.  She is not only helpful and informative but carries a positive outlook throughout her work day.

David: Erica always brings a positive and enthusiastic attitude to everything she does. She has a great rapport with customers and aids towards an enjoyable office environment!

Suzie: Erica is an amazing co-worker and great part of our team! I love her outstanding bossy moments because she really helps to keep us all on track when we have lots of orders to fulfill.

Peter: Erica deserves a big thank you for everything she does for us. Inspired LED truly would not be the same without her, and she certainly makes all of our jobs easier. I look forward to continually working with her through the next year!

Jorge: Erica works in a very professional manner and with great customer service on the phone. She is also a fast worker and always gets the job done.

Daniel: Erica is an essential part of our team. Congratulations on a year of great work. I hope the next year is even better for you!

Randy: Although I’ve only worked at Inspired LED for a few weeks, Erica has been a very pleasant and welcoming person for the company.  She is very helpful and does a great job working here.

Emily: Working with Erica is awesome. It can definitely be challenging when you love what you do, but not necessarily the people you work with, so of course it is very refreshing to come to work with Erica and her friendly smiles and empathetic conversations, not to mention her witty and sarcastic sense of humor!

Samantha: Being one of the newest employees, I didn’t know much coming in on my first day and was a little nervous how it would go. Erica helped make the transition extremely easy and I felt at home right away. Since day one, Erica was one of the friendliest people I’ve met and made me feel like part of the team. Erica is very willing to teach and help anyway she can; she’s taught me all the ins and outs of how every single order for Inspired LED is processed. Erica has made coming in to work fun and exciting to always learn new things!

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