Cut and Connect Kits: An Easy DIY Lighting Option

Inspired LED’s Cut and Connect Series Kits are a creative and easy way to re-vamp any room in your house!


Whether you are looking to update your kitchen or want to take on a fun project, our Cut and Connect Series Kits are both cost-effective and extremely simple to install.  We offer a variety of kits to accommodate your needs. The all-inclusive kit comes with a flexible LED strip, power supply, interconnect cables, switches, and our handy-dandy tiger paws, which all allow the customer to install their system within minutes!

Cut and Connect Series: Ultra Bright Flexible Strip 12 Meter Kit

Some details regarding the products in this kit:

  • Flexible LED Strips– They come in two colors and three levels of brightness: Ultra Bright, Super Bright, and Normal Bright. These low profile strips can be cut every three LED’s, which allows for optimal customization. The adhesive back simply peels off and the strips stick directly onto their intended surface.  You can order 3 meter or 12 meter length kits.
  • Tiger Paw LED Connector™– Our amazing designers have come up with a great product that is completely solderless. This allows you to be the sole designer of your project by cutting the flexible LED strip to the desired length, matching polarity of the Tiger Paw LED Connector and flexible LED strip, then mounting the lights for easy application!
  • Power Supplies– Depending on which Cut and Connect kit you opt for, we will send you the appropriate power supply. These power supplies plug into existing electrical outlets and are run either to our in-line switch or directly to the light.
  • In-Line Switches– These easy-to-use switches allow you to control the on/off setting of the LED’s. Simply plug in the power supply and use the interconnect cables provided to connect to the lights.
  • Interconnect Cables and Cable Clamps– Cut and Connect kits come with either two or four 3 foot cables with associated cable clamps. However, we are happy to swap out those lengths for others upon request. We carry 4 in, 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft and 12 ft cables in stock and offer custom length cables for an additional charge.

Cut and Connect Kits in Ultra Bright, Super Bright, and Ultra Bright. Available in 12 meter or 3 meter lengths

Through extensive feedback from our customers we have come to learn that our Cut and Connect Series Kits allow anyone to get creative. Whether it is underneath cabinets, behind bathroom mirrors, lining a staircase, or accentuating a bar; our do-it-yourself kits adds pizzazz to any room. So allow your imagination to go wild and turn any part of your house from ordinary to extraordinary!

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