New Designer Series 2.0

Inspired LED, LLC. Introduces New Designer Series 2.0 Light Panel

Specialized Lens Material Offers Sleek Diffusion Of Light, Eliminating The LED “Dot Effect”

TEMPE, Ariz., May 19, 2016- From patented solderless connectors to simple DIY kits, Inspired LED has made a name for itself by developing innovative lighting products for the average consumer. This week, the Arizona-based manufacturer is pleased to announce the latest addition to their product line, the new and improved Designer Series LED Panel.

Back in 2010, the Designer Panel was one of the first products developed by Inspired LED owners, Jim and Cheryl Levante, who in their first few years of business, discovered a unique challenge associated with LED lights.
“Because LED panels are comprised of a sequence of light emitting diodes, they often take on the appearance of a series of dots, or ‘hot spots’ rather than as an even bar of light.” Jim Levante explains. “Depending upon the surface above which the LEDs are mounted, this can cause a spotted reflection which we refer to as the ‘dot effect’.”

To help combat this issue, Jim and Cheryl began developing a lens which could be easily combined with rigid LED panels to create a more completed fixture. Their original design featured a clear polycarbonate material, lined with internal striations to help scatter the light more evenly. While this lens did not completely diffuse the look of the LEDs, it did effectively disperse the light, eliminating the so-called “dot effect”. And the first Designer Series Panel was born.

Now, after several years, and some significant advancements in materials technology, the Designer Series lens has been revisited, this time with the goal of transforming the LED panels into a solid light bar.
Jim Levante oversaw the product redesign. “It was a challenge to find something which completely blended the light from the LED diodes while still providing maximum lumen output. Our design and engineering teams dedicated a great deal of time and effort to this project, testing a variety of different lens shapes and materials until we found just the right balance.”

In January of 2016, after several months of research and analysis, developers at Inspired LED selected a custom blend of acrylic, which was found to effectively diffuse the light from individual diodes. Using this unique material, a new lens was commissioned for the Designer Series 2.0 Panels, giving the fixtures a sleek, modern look.

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