New Super Clip Tiger Paw Connector

Inspired LED, LLC. Introduces New Solderless “Super-Clip” Tiger Paw®

Specialty connector built for simple in-field LED system design and customization.

Tempe, AZ- May 18th, 2017– Local business, Inspired LED, has made a name for itself over the past few years with a range of innovative lighting products. From patented solderless connectors to simple LED kits and custom kitchen lighting solutions, they have helped to bring energy-efficient, easy-to-use components into the hands of contractors and electricians nationwide. Last week, the Arizona-based manufacturer announced the latest addition to their product line, the new solderless Super-Clip Tiger Paw® connector.

Back in 2010, the original Tiger Paw® was the first major design to be patented by Inspired LED owner, Jim Levante, and Engineering Manager, Tanner Leland. “We had just begun experimenting with flexible LED strips, and quickly discovered the difficulties of in-field customization.” Mr. Levante said. “As an installer, it’s tough to have to carry a soldering iron with you wherever you go.”

A solution was devised by combining existing bridge lock fasteners and screw terminals, utilizing a fiberglass PC board for structure and strain relief. The result was a highly effective and uniquely convenient connector. “With this design, we were able to provide customers with a way to terminate LED flex directly to an input jack or screw terminal without the need for solder.” Said Levante.

In the years since, Inspired LED has released a wide variety of connector styles, each tailored to suit a specific purpose- from fitting in tight spaces to turning around corners. One of the most popular styles has always been the robust Green Screw Terminal Tiger Paw®, which allows installers to make direct connections to bulk cable. The new Super Clip Tiger Paw® was designed to improve upon this style while helping to speed up installation time.

“Our goal was to achieve the same secure connection without the need for a screwdriver.” Engineer Tanner Leland explained. “Quick release clips were selected for their ability to receive 16-22 gauge solid or stranded cable, and a wider base was designed to provide extra strain relief.”

With these modifications, no additional tools are required during install, and mismatched polarities are easily rectified with the simple push of a lever.

Initial reception has been decidedly positive, with the Super-Clip quickly becoming a new favorite among electricians. It is anticipated that monthly sales may soon surpass those of other Tiger Paws®, and that someday this connector may even replace its screw terminal cousin as a top-seller.

The new Super Clip Tiger Paw® was officially released to the public on May 11th, and is now available for purchase through Inspired LED’s website, or at their storefront in Tempe.

About Inspired LED

Inspired LED, LLC is a leading LED manufacturer offering the best in easy-to-use home, commercial, and specialty lighting. Since their initial pilot sales program launched in 2009, the company has delivered award-winning service by providing customers with safe, reliable, energy-efficient products at an exceptional value. By continuously working to recognize and serve the growing demands of the industry, Inspired LED has quickly emerged as a frontrunner in LED system design and product development.
Inspired LED proudly partners their professional expertise with clients across the country to offer comprehensive lighting solutions for a variety of applications. To learn more about Inspired LED, visit their website,, follow them on, or stop by their showroom in Tempe, Arizona.