TRIAC Analyzer

Inspired LED, LLC. Announces Newly Patented TRIAC Analyzer

Unique Technology Provides Convenient Alternative For LED Installation And Control

TEMPE, Ariz., September 20, 2016- Over the past few years, U.S. based manufacturer Inspired LED has helped to drive the modern lighting industry forward by bringing creative and convenient new products to the market. The latest innovation to emerge from their engineering department is the long-awaited TRIAC Analyzer, a unique device which is transforming the way we think about dimmable LED control systems.

In the last decade since LEDs first became commercially available, consumers have been restricted to setting up their low-voltage lighting systems in one of two ways:

“The simplest, most inexpensive set-ups utilize a plug-in power supply combined with a compatible ‘in-line’ switch, dimmer, or remote,” explains Inspired LED’s lead engineer, Tanner Leland. “But, if customers prefer to control their LEDs from a more traditional wall dimmer, installers must first utilize a hardwired dimmable transformer to convert the standard 120 volts AC down to an LED compatible 12 or 24 volts DC. While these hardwired systems may be considered a bit more integrated into the home, they can also be a lot more expensive.”

Given the constraints of these two types of LED set-ups, contractors and electricians have long attempted to find creative ways to incorporate the best of both worlds into a single configuration. Unfortunately, many of these in-field workarounds have a tendency to violate National Electrical Code. So it was with these challenges in mind that Leland and his team set out to develop a safe, reliable alternative to the traditional dimmable LED installation process, combining the simple convenience of a plug-in system with the more desirable interface of a hardwired layout.

“We determined that the best way to accomplish this would be to create a device which allowed a standard plug-in power supply to connect directly to a ubiquitous TRIAC wall dimmer,” Leland says, “effectively eliminating the need for high voltage connections or expensive transformers, while still maintaining the appearance of a hardwired LED system.”

He began by developing the concept for a specialized circuit board which could analyze the state of a wall dimmer, and adjust the output of a plug-in power supply accordingly. To accomplish this, the TRIAC Analyzer applies a voltage to the dimmer and determines how long the dimmer takes to start conducting current. The amount of time is directly proportional to the position of the dimmer’s slide and the TRIAC Analyzer adjusts the output to the LEDs accordingly.

The result is an entirely new option for LED system control, one which is more cost effective than a traditional hardwired system, but still offers customers the freedom to adjust their lights from a standard wall dimmer. Perhaps best of all, the exclusion of high voltage lines means the TRIAC Analyzer can be installed by contractors or homeowners without the need to hire an outside electrician.

After months of testing and development, the TRIAC Analyzer was officially awarded U.S. patent number 9,288,851 in March of 2016. Prototypes were released to select contractors and distributors throughout the month of April, receiving a swell of positive feedback and anticipatory purchase orders. The TRIAC Analyzer is now available for purchase on Inspired LED’s website, as well as in store for the preliminary price of $40.

“We are excited to see how the market responds to this new product,” says Leland. “We’re confident that it will provide our customers with a convenient, reliable alternative for creating dimmable LED systems.”

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