6 Exciting LED Gifts Your Dad Needs This Father’s Day 2014

Father’s Day is about a week away and, like every year, you are stuck pondering what to get him. A book? A watch? Maybe a tie? We know just as well as you do that our dads have seen it all. While most people think of LED lighting as only under cabinet kitchen lighting, there are some truly awesome things you can do with LED lights to make your dad say, “WOW!”

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014- Outdoor LED Lighting

1. The Ultimate Backyard Grilling Expert Dad
This dad loves spending time outdoors, especially if it involves grilling his world famous food. His backyard is his sanctuary, so why not make sure it feels extra special? Add some outdoor lighting to the awning, stairs, built in bar/grill, gazebo, and more.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014- TV Backlight Lighting

 2. The TV Loving Dad
We all know our dads love to kick back and watch a little TV, whether it’s sports or the entire second season of House of Cards. A little light behind the TV can really reduce the eye strain that is associated with TV watching (especially for, dare we say it, aging eyes), and can also lead to more vibrant colors. Our TV backlight kit comes with everything he needs to install lights, and there is now an option USB switch to turn the lights on and off with the TV!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014- Office LED Lighting

3. The Work at Home Dad
The work-from-home dad deserves a little light in his home office for those late night work sessions. He works his behind off, so help him out a little by providing some light over his desk, in shelves, or as accent LED lighting. We promise, he’ll thank you for these little additions that can make a huge difference!


4. The Entertainer Dad
Be it dinner parties, super bowl parties, or just having his buds over, your dad loves to entertain. Add lights under his kitchen cabinets, above the cabinets, or inside of the cabinets. Throw in some red, blue, green, or RGB color changing LED strips to make your dad the life of the party!


5. The Mancave Dad
Whether your dad has a small area to himself or an entire mancave, treat him to some LEDs to make it extra special. Light up his signs, art, music collection, guitar, pool/ping pong table, or any of his prized possessions. A touch of color will make these items especially eye popping and will make him the envy of absolutely everyone.

dadsday66. The Car Aficionado Dad
But, really… How cool is this garage with LED lights? Take it as just the tipping point of the type of inspiration you can gather for your car-loving father’s garage. The LED strips can be used as overhead lighting, landing strips, workshop lighting, or even can be used to help pay homage to your dad’s favorite type of car. Get creative, as we offer all different colors of light!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014 - Gift Voucher
Last but not least, gift vouchers are always great as a last minute gift option, or if you just don’t know what to get your dad! You can purchase a gift card and allow your father to contact our design team for free help on his specific project!

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