RF Wireless Remote Dimmer

At Inspired LED, we strive to give every customer a range of options to fit their specific needs, and the Wireless Remote Dimmer is no exception. With 50 levels of dimming options for any single color LED Flex Strip available, the Remote Dimmer is an excellent option for any project. The remote, the dimmer itself, two female cables (one input, one output), a mounting sticker, and two AAA batteries come standard with this product. Every component that comes with the dimmer can be seen below.

RF Remote Dimmer 1

Each remote has one input slot for your power supply lead and two output ends for your LED’s. The female cables we supply have two ends (one red and one black). The red wire is usually your positive side.

Of course there are many options for every product we offer, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Setting up your controller is very straightforward, but in the off chance that something goes wrong, this blog is to detail how to repair your product.

Fixing loose cables





In case the cables come loose, all you will need to do is:

  • Use a standard flat-head screwdriver to loosen the screws on the underside on the dimmer.
  • Once you do so, the output slots will open and you can re-insert the wire.
  • Make sure to match the polarities before tightening the screws again.

Again, we provide many options for each customer specific needs, so if you are in need of a male output, we will provide a male interconnect cable (see picture above). In the case of the male interconnect cables below, the positive polarity is the side of the cable housing with the white lettering.


Battery replacement

EventuallyRF Remote Dimmer 4 with the use of your remote dimmer, the batteries will lose their juice. Replacing the batteries themselves is no hardship; just be sure to avoid touching the dimming wheel on the front side of your remote as you insert the batteries. Doing so will leave your remove incorrectly calibrated. If this happens to you, simply remove and reinsert the batteries without touching the dimming wheel and your dimmer remote will correctly recalibrate.


Deprogrammed dimmer

RF Remote Dimmer 5
In the off chance that your remote becomes deprogrammed from your dimmer, there is one way to fix it but it can be a bit of a hassle. In order to reprogram your remote (or multiple remotes together if you’re being adventurous), you must first completely remove the power source from the dimmer. Then plug the power source back into the dimmer while holding the top button on your remote.

If done correctly, the LED’s will flash three to four times before returning to their normal state. Test to see if you were successful by dimming the lights with the wheel.

The RF Remote Dimmer is one of the many easy-to-use products we offer. If you have questions about this product, or any other products on our website, feel free to contact us at 480-941-4286 or orders@inspiredled.com.