New Product: Motion Sensor

motoin sensor blog

Inspired LED’s new motion sensor is the perfect accessory for your LED lighting system! The motion sensor is a convenient way to switch on your LEDs without having to turn them on manually- which is one less thing you will need to remember. Let’s explore more benefits of the motion sensor, as well as some applications that will work best with this new product!

motion sensory pantry

Motion sensor pantry light

Imagine you just got home from the store – arms and hands filled with bags of groceries – wouldn’t it be nice to just walk into the pantry and have the lights turn on? Using the motion sensor with your LED lighting can allow this to happen! This handy accessory responds the instant you walk in the room, illuminating your path even when your hands aren’t free.

motion sensor closet

Motion sensor closet lighting

No more searching for the perfect outfit in the dark! Adding a motion sensor to your closet can give your wardrobe an instant upgrade, worthy of a true fashionista. The motion sensor responds not only to human motion, but also to the movement of doors and drawers, creating a fully interactive LED system right at your fingertips.

motion activated LED bedframe lighting DIY

Censored, accent lighting for your bed frame

Climbing in and out of bed doesn’t have to be scary anymore. With some motion activated accent lighting you can chase away spooky shadows under the bed. Bright enough to scare away the monsters but subtle enough to sleep by, Inspired LED’s motion sensor can transform simple LED lighting into the perfect night light!

LED toe kick lighting for bathrooms

Motion sensor lighting for your bathroom

Toe-kick lighting in bathrooms, hallways, and stairs is a foolproof way to brighten up a space, while creating the perfect guide light. Picture yourself walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and finding a soft glow welcoming you from under your vanity. The motion sensor can provide enough light to maneuver around by, without the need to fumble around for a switch. Best of all, once you head back to bed, the motion sensor will switch the lights back off automatically!

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