New Color Changing System from Inspired LED

RGBHeaderWhen it comes to LED lighting, basic shades of white are great for most everyday applications, but certain times and places call for a bit more… color! Inspired LED is excited to introduce a brand new lighting system designed with these unique circumstances in mind. Our new and improved Spectrum Series Color Changing LED System is an easy way to liven up just about any space, unlike ever before!

These new color changing, or RGB (for the red, blue, and green diodes) flexible LED strips are an exciting alternative for accent lighting everywhere from restaurant bars and hotel lobbies, to contemporary kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. By nature, color changing RGB systems are very different from other LED flex strip products, and often are not as easy to understand. But Inspired LED’s new Spectrum Series RGB System has been specially designed with our customers in mind to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Let’s explore some of our new Spectrum Series products, and see how easily you can create your new color changing LED system!

Four Conductor Cables with Pre-Wired Connectors

RGB new connectorA typical LED lighting system utilizes a two conductor cable, with one positive and negative wire. But a color changing RGB system requires a four conductor cable in order to control the special diodes: red, green, blue, along with a ground wire. In order to simplify the installation process and eliminate any electrical guesswork, engineers at Inspired LED have designed a unique system of color coded wires and EZ snap connectors for our new color changing system. Our website will feature a variety of custom length cables which will come with connectors pre-wired for your convenience. Once your new RGB system arrives, all you will need to do before installation is align the LED strip to the matching wiring and snap the connector shut!

Wireless RGB Remote Controller

RGB controllerafter months of research and testing, we’re happy to present this new RF Wireless RGB Controller as a simple one-stop solution for controlling your color changing LED system. Featuring 15 pre-programmed color changing modes, as well as a manual color selection, and dimming capability, this remote unit provides total system control from a distance of up to 65 feet.

Whatever shape or color your imagination may take, Inspired LED’s Spectrum Series RGB System can help make it a reality! Stop by our web store to learn more about Inspired LED products, and for more RGB inspiration, be sure to check out our gallery!


We strongly recommend taking full advantage of our FREE design services when considering color changing LED project!  It never hurts to make sure you have everything you need for your project! Design information: and the direct design email: