Accessory of the Week: NEW Right Angle Tiger Paws

Accessory of the Week (1)The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.

But in many instances, an LED installation requires more than just straight lines! Think of all the architectural features in your home or office space which are made up of angles and curves.  Flexible LED strips make quick work of rounded edges, but when it comes to turning sharp corners, issues can arise.

One of the most common solutions up to this point has been to use a 4” jumper cable to round corners. For under cabinet applications, this typically works just fine; the cables are easy to install and the loss of light is hardly noticeable. However there are areas like ceiling coves and mirror backlights where a lighting gap can take away from the overall effect.

When using Normal or Super bright flexible LED strips, a quick folding technique can allow customers and installers to make their way around corners without sacrificing light output. But when using Ultra or Mega bright flex, the spacing of the LED components makes this extremely difficult, and may even cause damage to the strip.

So to provide our customers with a more convenient solution, our engineering team as adapted our patented Tiger Paw® technology to make corners a problem of the past!

RATP7Introducing Inspired LED’s new Right Angle Tiger Paws– specially designed to allow flexible LED strips to be connected at a 90° angle with ease.

Featuring the same industry proven locking system which makes our Tiger Paws® so reliable, these new right angle connectors allow customers to change the direction of LED flex strips by simply cutting and sliding pieces into place. Now you can extend your creativity even further, maneuvering under cabinets, around counter tops, shelves, stairs, and more!

For added convenience, our engineers have designed these new Tiger Paws® in a variety of styles. Our lowest profile “no-input” connectors are made to complete the basic task of rounding a corner. Power is still connected at the far end of one LED strip, passing though the tiger paw and onto the next set of lights. Sometimes, however, customers may want to run power directly to their right angle Tiger Paw®, splitting off in either direction, similar to our mid-connector Tiger Paw®. For this reason, we also designed versions of our right angle Tiger Paw® with power inputs.

The plug-in right angle connector is designed for the simplest plug & play set-ups. Using a 3.5 x 1.3mm connector compatible with our plug-in power supplies and standard interconnect cables, anyone can make the connection, as simple as plugging in headphones. Or, for contractors, electricians and DIYers who know their way around a pair of wire strippers, we also offer a screw terminal option for direct connections.

3All three versions of the right angle Tiger Paw are now available for sale on our website. Be sure to check out our spec sheets for more information on specifications, and installation instructions.

No matter where you’re hoping to add LED lighting, Inspired LED has the right products and accessories for you. Browse through our online catalog for project inspiration, or contact our Design Team for a free lighting layout and quote! Have a question? Reach out to our award-winning customer service team at 480-941-4286, or email us at We look forward to assisting you!