Holiday Lighting FAQs

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It seems to happen earlier and earlier every year…

As soon as autumn leaves begin to frost, even before the last of our Thanksgiving Day leftovers have been finished, signs of the holiday season start to make their way onto streets and storefront windows. Department stores unveil their Christmas decorations, Santa’s little helpers begin their shopping, and everywhere, little colored lights begin to appear.

Traditional Xmas LightsEach year, around this time, we at Inspired LED notice a spike in phone calls and inquiries regarding our LED products. Many people are looking to use our lights to spruce up their homes or businesses in time for holiday visitors, but others express an interest using our LEDs as Christmas décor. Often, these customers are surprised to learn that there is a significant difference between our standard LED flex strips, and traditional Christmas lights.

The confusion is completely understandable, of course. As more and more of the lighting industry converts to LED technology, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different products now available on the market. The term “LED” simply refers to the “light emitting diode”, a special kind of semiconductor which releases energy in the form of photons when activated by the appropriate voltage. These diodes can be incorporated into a variety of different bulbs, fixtures, and strip lights.Modern LED Strips

While many traditional Christmas string lights are now being manufactured with LEDs, these still differ from our standard LED strip lights in a few key ways:

  • Traditional Christmas lights come on strings, while our LEDs come on flexible strips or rigid panels
  • String lights require hooks or nails to hang, while Inspired LED flex strips come with an adhesive backing designed to stick to just about any flat surface
  • Our LED flex strips can be cut to length on copper solder pads, located every three LEDs, don’t try this with Christmas string lights!
  • Like traditional string lights, LED flexible strips are available in solid colors or color-changing RGB
  • Unlike string lights, LED flex strips are available in a variety of different brightness or intensity levels
  • While string lights are usually reserved for holiday décor, LED flexible strips are designed to provide task and accent lighting all year long
  • Inspired LED offers a range of indoor, and weather-resistant outdoor LED flex, perfect for any location, any time of year!

While Inspired LED’s flex strips are not typically used for holiday décor, there are many fun and creative ways our lights can be used to spread some Christmas cheer. Brighten up your kitchen in time for holiday baking, or add some festive color around your home this season with one of our easy DIY lighting kits. Add some RGB flex to your home or business to change the color of your lights with every mood or season.

Whatever route you decide to take with your holiday lighting this year, we are here to help! Visit our website,, to learn more about our products, or contact us directly by calling 480-941-4286.