Flexible LED Strip VS Rigid LED Panel

There is often a debate over the differences between flexible strips or rigid LED panels. “Which product is better? What Colors does this come in? Kits look cheaper, so shouldn’t I get a kit?” These questions are incredibly hard to answer without absolute familiarity with the specific project or application, and even more difficult to answer without complete knowledge of the products themselves.

Often times, believe it or not, there is no “right” answer. Both flexible strips and our various rigid LED panels have pros and cons, and can be suitable for a multitude of applications.  Let’s explore each product to see which style will best fit your needs!

Pro Series Panels

pro series rigid LED panelThese panels are everything you want and need for a customer who is new to LEDs. The Pro Series Panels are uncovered panels and come in two sizes. Our 21 LED Panel measures 8.75″ in length, while our 42 LED Panel  is 16.75″ in length. These panels, or “bar lights”, are most often sold in convenient kits that include all necessary hardware, but they can also be mixed and matched with additional accessories to create a custom set up.

Designer Series Panels

designer rigid panelThe Designer Series Panels have the same great benefits of the pro series panels, but this series also includes a cover for simplified installation, integration, and cleaning. These covered panels also provide a more finished look for spaces that might be exposed or seen. Designer Series panels also come is two standard sizes: 10″ and 18″, however these panels can also be made-to-order in custom lengths.

Radiant Edge Series Panels

radiant edge rigid panelThe Radiant Edge Series panels are similar to the Designer Series in that they are both covered rigid LED panels. The Radiant Edge panels utilize a diffused lens to eliminate the “hot spots” cause by individual diodes, creating a smooth, sleek beam of light. This is also one of our most customizable products, made to various lengths, with three different end-connecting options: our standard 3.5mm x 1.3mm DC connector, a screw-terminal option, and a hardwired bare lead option. Since this item is only offered in custom lengths it is not featured in any pre-made kits.

Flexible LED Strips

flexible led strip inspiredThe Flexible LED Strips are perhaps the most versatile of out LED products. While they are similar to the rigid panels, the name is fairly self-explanatory in that these strips are a flexible adhesive strip which can be mounted almost anywhere. Our flex strips feature an extremely low profile and can be cut to any length to fit custom projects. They are also available in our Cut and Connect Series 3M and 12M Kits. These strips are the ultimate DIY product for a custom lighting solution at a great price!

Check out this table for a recap of each products features:

rigid panel and flex strip comparison tableFor assistance regarding your next lighting project, or for other answers to your other questions about LED, visit our website, contact us at design@inspiredled.com, or call us at (480) 941-4286.