Going Green : Just in Time for Spring!

spring 1 green cloversIt’s that time of year again when shades of green have slowly begun to melt their way back into the world. After many long months of winter, it’s no wonder that we search for ways to celebrate the return of spring with holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Earth Day.  At Inspired LED we can think of no better way to celebrate the season than to spend some time looking at ways to “Go Green” with the help of LED lighting!

Environmental Benefits-

If you have any experience with LEDs, you’ve probably heard that they dafodil going green LEDsare an environmentally friendly alternative to incandescent or fluorescent light sources. But often times, people may not understand exactly why this is. Low voltage, energy efficient LEDs help reduce pollution by decreasing energy demands from coal-fired power plants. In the end this means less coal needs to be burned, fewer carbon emissions are released into the air, and your personal carbon footprint is minimized. LEDs also contain no toxic chemicals (unlike CFLs which contain mercury), so even after they have been disposed of they are Earth friendly without the danger of toxic runoff from landfills.  Click here to learn more about how LEDs compare to other lighting technologies!

Financial Benefits-

going green saving money

While LEDs have gained a lot of attention for being environmentally friendly, especially after winning the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2014, many people may not realize how beneficial they can be to the green in your wallet! Light emitting diode technology is extremely durable, which means LEDs are unlikely to break or need replacing for many years. In fact, most LEDs are rated to stay lit for a minimum of 50,000 hours! While the initial investment in LED lighting may cost more upfront than the average incandescent light bulb, you’ll find this investment more than pays of in the long run, saving years’ worth of replacement costs.  An upgrade to LEDs may even help qualify your home or businesses for environmental tax credits!

Home Benefits –

Aside from the long term environmental and financial benefits of “going Inspired LED Kitchen Lighting for Above and Under Cabinetsgreen”, LED lighting can also help prepare your home for the returning green of springtime. While many of us take this as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning or redecorating, why not consider adding some new lighting to your home to help chase away the lingering shadows of winter? A bit of extra light can help to make home feel clean, inviting, and relaxing. Our Pro Series panels or Flexible LED strip lights are perfect for accenting shelves, cabinets, and countertops. A low profile design makes them easy to install even in hard to reach places like closets and corners.  LEDs are available in a wide range of colors and styles to help highlight the best features of any home or business.

Green Light Giveaway!!!

You’re in luckclover! In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and the much anticipated return of spring, Inspired LED is offering a free strip of green LED lights with a minimum purchase of $50 or more. Simply enter the code GREEN15 into the customer comments upon checkout to receive your free green light kit (91.5” Normal Bright Green + 1 Amp Power Supply). Special will run March 13th – 18th while supplies last!




Visit inspiredled.com for more creative ideas on how to brighten up your home for spring, or contact our design team at design@inspiredled.com for a lighting solution that is all your own.