Beyond the Kitchen 2: Ten (More) Unconventional Applications for LEDs

Beyond the Kitchen2LEDs have become more and more popular over the past few years thanks to their energy efficiency, ease of install, and long lifespan. While LEDs are perhaps most commonly used in kitchens and under cabinets, there are many other locations where these lights can shine.  As Inspired LED has continued to grow, we have been presented with some new and exciting opportunities to add our lights to some unconventional areas. It is always fun for us to take on these unique challenges, to help our customers fulfill their creative visions, and extremely gratifying to see the end result.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual and interesting ways in which our LEDs have been put to use!

1. Beautiful Butterflies


When the new Butterfly Wonderland opened in Scottsdale, managers reached out to our design team to solve an unusual problem. The lights which had been originally installed in the facility were growing too hot, threatening to harm the delicate butterflies and their cocoons. Since LEDs produce very little heat, they were the perfect solution for such a problem. Our designers came up with a system of angle adjust tubes which could be easily adjusted to point in a range of different directions, while still remaining safe and cool enough for the blossoming butterflies.

2. Dramatic Displays

Comicbook Shelf

While LEDs may be fairly common in commercial applications, this particular display case was unique because of the owner’s personal collection. He wanted to find a way to illuminate his collectibles without fear of causing damage via heat, and LEDs were the perfect solution! Our design team selected Mega Bright Pure White flex strips to show off the natural colors and qualities of these collectibles. They also added a diffuser lens to help create an even array of light. The final product was a display worthy of showing off!

3. Marvelous Marching Bands


Recently, the marching band at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix reached out to our Design Team for a way to enhance their show with some LED lighting. The goal was to create a series of metal tripods which could be assembled and lit during the performance for a stunning visual component. Inspired LED’s Designers helped to layout the plans using Ultra Bright Cool White flexible LED strips, battery packs, and remote controls. The design was a huge success, helping the DV band to take first place in the 2015 Arizona State Marching Band Championship finals.

4. Boast-worthy Barbecues


Most LEDs are designed for indoor use, but Inspired LED’s patented Infinity Series Weather-Resistant LEDs allow us to provide stunning accent and task lighting both indoors and out. This particular customer had just designed a landscape for their new home, and wanted to add some LED lighting around the benches and barbecue. For this project, we recommended our Warm White Infinity Series LEDs to create an inviting fire-like glow, while utilizing our unique Independence Dimmer to provide central control from a wall switch without the need to hardwire. The end result was a relaxing desert nightscape and a very happy customer.

5. Illuminated iPads

iPad_Backlight_ Orthodontist (57)

Going to the dentist can be a pain, especially for kids, and having to wait around looking at old magazines hardly improves the experience. One dentist’s office decided they wanted to change this by installing a series of iPads in their waiting room. With the help of our design team, each tablet was mounted on an acrylic stand and backlit with various colors of Super Bright flexible LED strips. The end result helped to make this office a fun and inviting environment for even the most timid children!

6. Radiant Rings


For this project, our team was approached by a designer who had been commissioned to build a pair of illuminated acrylic rings for an office lobby. The rings were made up of a series of curves manufactured to fit together upon installation. Working closely with the project manager, our Design Team helped to lay out a system of Ultra Bright Warm White LED strips which could be plugged in piece by piece to create an even spread of light throughout the fixture. Once everything was installed, the rings became a wonderfully contemporary focal point for visitors and employees.

7.  Brilliant Bookshelves

RGB Bookshelf

While most accent lighting projects make use of simple, single-color LEDs, occasionally customers are looking to add a bit more of a “wow” factor. This is when we turn to RGB color-changing LED systems. For this project, the customer wanted to take a simple bookshelf and turn it into a fun focal point for entertaining in his home. Our Design Team recommended the use of RGB flexible strips along with an RGB remote which would allow him to cycle through thousands of different color options. The addition of these vibrant LEDs transformed this bookshelf from reading place to disco space!

8. Vibrant Vehicles


Each holiday season, historic Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe, Arizona is host to a brilliant lighting display, kicked off by the annual Fantasy of Lights Parade. A variety of floats, balloons, cars, and performers make their way down Mill, all featuring creative and colorful displays of lights. This year, Inspired LED helped to illuminate the Tesla pictured above with Super Bright Warm White, and Super Bright Red flexible LED strips. While our Design Team has quite a bit of experience adding LEDs to vehicles, this was a particularly fun job with some spectacular results!

9. Relaxing Resorts

Las Palmas Resort

The Las Palmas Resort in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico was looking for a simple, elegant way to improve their curb appeal by adding LED lighting to the palm trees along their entryway. The challenge of determining the proper length of light strips needed to wrap each tree was one that took special collaboration between our Design Team and Engineering department. After developing a special calculator to simplify the process, we recommended our Infinity Series Weather-Resistant LEDs to encircle each tree trunk. A green MR16 bulb was then placed at the top of each tree to illuminate the palm fronds. These little touches added a magical feel for visitors to this resort!

10. Specialized Systems


A while back, our Design and Engineering teams were approached by UltraPure Systems Inc., to help design an LED component for their water testing system. The goal was to create a lighted display which would change colors based upon the results of the test. If the water being tested remained within acceptable parameters, the light would stay blue, but when sensors detected a certain level of solvents in the water, the light would turn red. Our Designers and Engineers worked closely with the project manager from UltraPure to create a unique combination of microcontrollers and color changing LEDs which could accomplish this feat.

Check out more unconventional lighting applications in part 1 of our blog here. Whatever your unique lighting needs happen to be, Inspired LED has a solution for you! For more LED inspiration visit or contact to take advantage of our FREE design services.